Golden Rooster shines with luxury can fly on the wings of dreams


The rain was unable to erase or reduce the intensity of the shine and luxury of the Galo de Ouro, the third school to parade in Group C of the Niterói carnival, on Friday night (2). In red, yellow and gold, on the wings of dreams, true love translated into samba at the feet of its members. Even with the wet track – a storm hit just as Galo was ready to parade, the team demonstrated determination and desire to win the title and access to Group B.

Easy-to-read plot

With the plot “The sky is not the limit for those who want to dream! Wings of a dream! In the incessant quest to fly”, the Gonçalo association presented the best visual set so far. Not only because of the luxury and richness of the elements, but because of their suitability for the plot. Both chronologically, as well as in good taste and creativity.

Surprise at opening

The front committee brought several characters who throughout history represented humanity’s dream of flying. It was the first to make use of a supporting scenographic element, providing surprises to the public. For example, the use of paper airplanes. Despite the choreography being time-consuming and incomprehensible in some aspects, the issue was well defended.

wet ballet

The couple of master of the room and flag bearer had to deal with the burden of rain. Wet avenue, heavier clothing made it difficult for them to dance. In this way, they owed money to the previous couples.

Good samba, but…

The samba helped a lot in understanding the plot. At least, for those who were able to follow the parade with the lyrics of the Golden Rooster anthem. Unfortunately, the school was one more to be desired in the musical tuning of the sound car, with semi-toned singing, and musicians leaving something to be desired in the tuning of their instruments and even with some wrong chords.

Certainly, it must lose points in harmony, although the components held the corner, for the most part. But the drums, perhaps due to tuning issues due to the rain, were not in the best resonance as a whole, without regular maintenance of the samba. Even because the interpretation did not favor him in that sense. Furthermore, the conventions had average versatility.

Everything to work out

The Golden Rooster came to the organized parade. With a good team of harmony directors to do the singing work, they even communicated all the time. They encouraged the singing of the members and, at the same time, controlled the evolution of the school.

However, at times, the Golden Rooster opened holes between the wings and the floats, beyond what could be understood by the judges. And the concern about this was visible on the directors’ faces.

In short, despite the adversities, the club put on a great show and could dream, at least, until the envelopes were opened and the notes were read. After that, we will find out what reality will reveal to the Golden Rooster of São Gonçalo.

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