EMANUEL FILARTIGA – Living is dangerous!

EMANUEL FILARTIGA – Living is dangerous!
EMANUEL FILARTIGA – Living is dangerous!

People suffer a lot, they suffer a lot. I was told that stopping feeling is a relief. But I am bold. And I dare every day to live with my entire body. And let the pain and affection come.

Life is life, and there’s no point running away. When we run away, she runs after us. It’s better to go meet her. It’s more beautiful for one person. I think I saw this in Clarice Lispector, she seems to break the world when she talks about important things. It’s as if she interrupted life so we could pass by. Some have this power!

So let it come your whole life, don’t come in pieces, shrunken, chosen. We do not choose the knowledge that they give us, we accept them all and model ourselves on them. We cannot waste them. There is a lot of knowledge out there looking for someone. Oh! It’s good to say: we are not, nor do we want to be, owners of any knowledge of life, what we really want is their freedom. To know exactly one thing in this life is to kill life. We feel and feel.

Life is about curves of ups and downs… underground. Death does not limit, as it is worse than life.

Come on, dear reader! Interrupt. Shut up everything the world says. Breathe deeply, despite the despair of these times. Think how much life is worth.

In fact, a way of things and people continues to persist that intrinsically differs from that analyzed by economists, administrators and managers. A universe of gifts, mysteries, feelings, which serve to found and encourage people. Aristotle already said that the imagination is the painter of the soul. Fight! It grows within you, dear reader. Always know that there is no joy in this world so privileged that it does not pay dividends for sadness.

To live you have to excite the soul, the body can only handle so much. Feel that thing that grows, blossoms, remains within us, that becomes a song, that becomes a chorus.

Open your eyes (all of them) to the world, and don’t be content with seeing people on the outside, things on the outside, penetrate them too, and consider them from the inside.

May this short trip of ours be a sentimental fact, of days much recited and with a flying voice.

The living boy was not separated from the living adult and the living elder, except by shadows and illusions, as Hesse said. The past is what changes most.

Listen to life and tell yourself that you are within yourself. Courage!.

Emanuel Filartiga is a prosecutor in Mato Grosso

The article is in Portuguese

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