See what Santinha’s death was like in 1993’s Renascer


During chapter 11 of the remake of the soap opera Renascer, Santinha will experience complications during the birth of her fourth child. Despite José Inocêncio’s attempts to save her at the expense of the baby, Santinha wants the child to survive. The scene will air this Friday (2nd) and will be responsible for defining the direction of the second phase of the soap opera. Continue reading to see what Santinha’s death was like in the 1993 version of Renascer.

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Death of Santinha in Renascer, 1993

Birth of José Augusto, first-born son of Santinha and José Inocêncio (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

Baptized by José Augusto, firstborn son of Santinha and José Inocêncio. (Photo: Reproduction,Globo)

Santinha happy with the baptism of her son José Augusto and Morena sad for having lost her son. (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

José Inocêncio with his three children and Santinha going into labor. (Photo: Reproduction,Globo)

Jacutinga arrives to deliver Santinha’s fourth child. (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

Amidst Santinha’s screams, Inácia tells José Inocêncio that the birth is delicate. (Photo: Reproduction,Globo)

Jacutinga tells José Inocêncio that he cannot save them both and he needs to choose between Santinha or the child. (Photo: Reproduction,Globo)

Santinha forces Jacutinga to save the child, even at the cost of her life. (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

Death of Santinha Renascer 1993

Jacutinga and Inácia find Santinha dead after giving birth. (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

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In the 1993 version of Renascer, there is a large time jump after the birth and baptism of José Augusto, the first son of Santinha and José Inocêncio. However, before the chronological advancement, the baptism scene begins to dictate more dramatic developments in the novel. This is because it is possible to notice the difference between Santinha and Morena. Both became pregnant in the same period, but only Maria Santa has a child in her arms.

After Morena gives birth to a dead child, she is never able to get pregnant again and the pain of not being able to be a mother plays a major role in the character’s development. This factor is further explored shortly after the time jump of Renascer and with the death of Santinha.

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Thus, the time of the soap opera passes quickly and Santinha already has three children: José Augusto, José Bento and José Venâncio. In addition to the three children, Maria Santa is pregnant again and believes it will be a girl and when she approaches “9 changes of the moon”, Jacutinga visits the farmhouse to help with the birth in the same way he did with the other three boys.

The problem is that the child is latched and birth is risky. After a few hours, Jacutinga realizes that there is no alternative: either the mother or the baby survives. She leaves José Inocêncio to choose and the man would rather see his wife alive than another child without her: “Save my mother, Jacutinga. I want Maria Santa alive, she has already given me three children. I want her alive, I only have her.”

Despite José Inocêncio’s choice, Santinha refuses to be saved to the detriment of her son and convinces Jacutinga and Inácia to save the baby. They both comply and a boy is born. Despite being very tired, Santinha seems to have managed to overcome the difficult birth. However, the next day, Jacutinga and Inácia find the woman already dead in bed.

José Inocêncio’s reaction to discovering Santinha’s death in Renascer

Death of Santinha Renascer

José Inocêncio discovers Santinha’s death after giving birth, in a scene from Renascer in 1993. (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

José Inocêncio yells at Jacutinga for not saving Santinha. (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

José Inocêncio observes his newborn son in the crib and is overcome with resentment. (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

José Inocêncio blames the baby for Santinha’s death. (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

Death of Santinha Renascer

José Inocêncio mourns the death of Santinha in a scene from Renascer in 1993. (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

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Upon entering the room and seeing that Santinha is dead, José Inocêncio loses his temper. In an impressive performance by Leonardo Vieira, grief immediately transforms the character. José Inocêncio climbs into Santinha’s bed, hugs her, kisses her and cries desperately.

Quickly, anger takes over José Inocêncio who shouts to Jacutinga: “But I told you I wanted her! I wanted her Jacutinga! She! She! Her!”, in reference to the request to save Santinha in the baby’s place. To which the woman responds: “She died happy knowing that. She preferred her son. Are you listening me? She thought it was a girl, that you wanted.”

Overcome with resentment, José Inocêncio turns to the baby’s crib and rejects him: “Get that child out of here! I’m telling you… Get that child out of here, and take that crib away! I don’t want to see that damn thing!”

Remember Santinha’s wake in the original version of the soap opera

Death of Santinha Renascer

Santinha is buried next to Jequitibá Rei. (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

Death of Santinha Renascer

José Inocêncio cries at Santinha’s funeral. (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

Morena and Deocletian at Santinha’s wake. (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

Death of Santinha Renascer

José Inocêncio mourns Santinha’s death at her funeral. (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

Death of Santinha Renascer

José Inocêncio can no longer stay at the wake and Padre Santo continues the ceremony. (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

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Veiled and buried next to Jequitibá Rei, Santinha’s farewell scene is impacted by José Inocêncio’s deep pain. The man remembers the story of the boi-bumbá and how he fell in love with Maria Santa while she cries desperately.

The moment becomes even more remarkable with José Inocêncio’s final speech: “Everyone here knows this story, and therefore, I only have one thing to say. In this place, one day I planted my destiny and my life. Today, I’m leaving part of it here […] Holy Father, take care of the rest, I won’t bear to see her leave for good.”

Santinha’s ghost and Morena’s milk

Death of Santinha Renascer

José Inocêncio returns to his home in tears after Santinha’s funeral. (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

Death of Santinha Renascer

Inácia tries to console José Inocêncio. (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

Death of Santinha Renascer

While José Inocêncio cries, Inácia says that her newborn son is inside the house crying from hunger. (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

Death of Santinha Renascer

José Inocêncio orders Inácia to feed the boy with cow’s milk and take him out of his room. (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

Deocletian takes the baby for him and Morena to raise. (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

Morena, who had lost her son at birth, manages to breastfeed the baby. (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

José Inocêncio tells Morena that he will take the child back after weaning. (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

Morena says that Santinha’s ghost is giving milk to breastfeed the baby. (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

José Inocêncio tells about Santinha’s dream and desire, Morena agrees to return the boy and names him João Pedro. (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

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After the wake, Inácia despairs over the baby’s cries because Santinha died before she was even able to breastfeed him. When she sees José Inocêncio return to the house, she hugs him in tears and shares his concern for the newborn: “He won’t stop crying. I think it’s hunger. I do not know what to do. If there was someone with a new child, I would ask to breastfeed him, but there is no one.”

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Without hesitation, José Inocêncio tells Inácia to give cow’s milk to the youngest, but she ignores the man and goes back to talking about having a woman to give breast milk. Then, the widower gets furious and shouts back: “I already told you, give him cow’s milk! Make him stop crying and get him out of my room!”

José Inocêncio’s rejection makes Jacutinga want to take the child away. Deocletian decides to intervene and takes the boy for himself and Morena. The moment the woman tries to feed the child, she who didn’t have milk starts to have it and says: “He was crying too much, Flor. So I put him on my chest to see if it would calm the poor thing down and he started sucking me like a calf. And the milk came, Flower. I’m more scared than you.”

A few days later, on Inácia’s recommendation, José Inocêncio gathers the courage to visit his son at Belarmino’s old house. There, Morena confirms that her breast is giving milk and that she is breastfeeding the boy. Afterwards, the farmer admits that he made a hasty decision and will take his son back after he grows up and is weaned.

With this, Morena responds that Santinha gave the boy to her: “Every time he cries from hunger, she is the one who shows up to feed him. That’s where my milk comes from,” she adds.

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The scene unfolds and José Inocêncio says that, in a dream, Santinha asked him to raise the boy and for Morena and Deocleciano to baptize the boy and choose a name for him. In tears, Morena accepts and says that the child will be called João Pedro.

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