Couple in China executed for murdering husband’s infant children; they wanted to ‘start over’


According to the investigation into the case, the couple would have carried out the crime so that they could live their romance without any “hinders”.

China executed a couple found guilty of murdering two children, aged one and two, children from the man’s first marriage, after simulating an accidental fall from the 15th floor of a residential tower in the metropolis of Chongqing, in the southwest of the country. According to the investigation of the facts, the couple had planned the crime so that they could “start the romance from scratch”, without any obstacles. The case occurred in 2020, but the execution only took place last Wednesday (24).

The father, Zhang Bo, threw his two children off the 15th floor at the request of his wife, Ye Chengchen, who threatened to leave him if he didn’t get rid of the children.

The relationshipZhang Bo began an affair with Ye Chengchen and initially hid the fact that he was married and had children, but Ye found out and Zhang divorced his wife, according to China’s Supreme Court.

Ye saw Zhang’s two sons as an “obstacle” to them getting married and a “burden on their future life together.” She repeatedly asked Zhang to kill the children and threatened to break up with him if he didn’t. Conviction and lethal injectionThe couple were sentenced to death in December 2021. The Supreme People’s Court said the crime “seriously challenged legal and moral outcomes.” , calling his criminal motivation “extremely despicable” and “particularly cruel,” state news agency Xinhua reported. News of his execution attracted hundreds of millions of views on the Chinese social media site Weibo, where it became one of the top trending topics. “They deserved their punishment,” said one top comment with 27,000 likes. “How rewarding!” said another with 31,000 likes.

The execution took place on Wednesday, January 24th, through lethal injection, known to be similar to euthanasia.

Source: O Tempo and Published By: Jornal Folha do Progresso on 02/02/2024/13:34:59

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