With a focus on experience, Havaianas invites a global squad to live the Brazilian lifestyle

With a focus on experience, Havaianas invites a global squad to live the Brazilian lifestyle
With a focus on experience, Havaianas invites a global squad to live the Brazilian lifestyle

Guests will enjoy unique experiences with an itinerary that reflects the DNA of the Brazilian summer in the city of Rio de Janeiro

Known worldwide as an icon of the Brazilian lifestyle and present in more than 130 countries, Havaianas will promote a unique Brazilian summer experience this week with global names, reinforcing the brand’s lifestyle on the sands of Rio. The action will bring together a squad International of Fashion Influencers from different parts of the world, including participants from Brazil, the United States, Italy and France. With the aim of highlighting the famous side of being Brazilian, the brand promises to provide an experience full of fashion, culture and unforgettable moments In Rio de Janeiro city.

Among the influencers are content creators Robertita (@larobertita), Thalita It is Gabriela Zukeramknown as Two Lost Kids (@twolostkids), representing Brazil. Through Italy, they will come Marta Losito (@marta.losito), fashion specialist, and Ginevra Mavilla (@ginevramavilla), rising Gen Z personality. From the United States she was invited Jordan Sloane (@jourdansloane). In France, Havaianas invited the model Tina Kunakey (@tinakunakey) and Lena Mahfouf (@lenamahfouf), brand ambassador in 2022 and 2023.

“Havaianas is perceived abroad as a brand that conveys the essence of Brazilian summer, with our swing, light and free way of living life. We also translate this into dressing, in the different occasions of use that a Havaianas can provide. Our International Squad will have first-hand access to Havaianas Slim Point, our latest launch that only hits international markets in the summer of the northern hemisphere. With this, we also reinforce our fashion credentials and make Americans and Europeans even more eager to wear and abuse Havaianas in the summer”says Rafael Nadale, global director of Brand and Communication at Havaianas.

During the days February 1st and 2ndHavaianas will offer influencers a series of extraordinary experiences in the vibrant scene of Rio.

Havaianas has established its positioning as a global brand, used by celebrities, influencers and fashionistas around the world. This international expansion not only establishes the brand as an ambassador of the Brazilian lifestyle, but also transforms it into a true catalyst for fashion and lifestyle trends. Whether on the Fashion Week catwalks, on the sunny sands of Rio’s beaches or in cosmopolitan urban centers, Havaianas has become a culturally significant element, shaping people’s perception of comfort, durability and relaxed elegance in everyday life,” highlights Nadale.

During these two days, influencers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves not only in Brazilian culture, but also to attest to the durability, comfort and style of Havaianas products, known for their exclusive features. For international influencers, Havaianas has prepared an unprecedented novelty: the new Slim Point, which has already arrived in stores throughout Brazil and will have its presence confirmed in the summer of the northern hemisphere. This anticipation will allow influencers the opportunity to share this exclusive launch with their audiences even before it is available to the general public abroad, reinforcing the presence of Havaianas in the universe fashion.

The Slim Point presents a new design, a modern reinterpretation of the classic flip-flop, with a slightly pointed tip, the now recognizable slim straps and the elegant touch of the metallic logo. This combination of elements results in a perfect slipper, reflecting the brand’s constant commitment to innovation.

Throughout this experience, we sought not only to bring the warmth and joy of the people of Rio and our rich culture, but also to deepen our relationships with global influencers and inspire our consumers around the world with the authentic Brazilian lifestyle that only Havaianas can provide”, adds Rafael Nadale.

Over the years, Havaianas has transcended its origins, consolidating itself as an authentic cultural symbol that goes far beyond Brazilian borders, conquering not only the feet, but also the hearts of people in all corners of the world. O design The iconic sandal, instantly recognizable, has become an unmistakable expression of relaxation and style. With a genuinely Brazilian touch in essence, Havaianas sandals capture the vivacity of each region of the country and the contagious energy of Brazilians.

The brand’s influence goes beyond footwear, it has become a cultural phenomenon that resonates in the wardrobes and habits of consumers around the world, redefining the concept of casual fashion and incorporating the vibrant spirit of Brazil in every step taken by its admirers”concludes Nadale, global director of Brand and Communication at Havaianas.

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