On the agenda: Duarte Coelho Bridge will be closed today for assembly of the Galo structure


Duarte Coelho Bridge will be closed today for assembly of the Galo structure

The Duarte Coelho Bridge, in Recife, will be temporarily closed for the assembly of the Galo da Madrugada structure from 3pm, this Saturday (03). The closure will impact the itinerary of 131 bus lines in the center of Recife, including 84 conventional ones, 7 BRTs and 40 Bacuraus, with changes in boarding and disembarking points. Public transport users should be aware of temporary changes to bus routes that travel through the region. If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints, users can contact the Consortium Customer Service Center, available from 7am to 7pm, on 0800 081 0158. The complete itinerary for each line is available on the website: https://www.granderecife.pe.gov.br

Recife Municipal Ball will have special traffic scheme

On the occasion of the 58th Recife Municipal Ball, the Urban Traffic and Transport Authority (CTTU) will have a special traffic monitoring scheme for the area around the Classic Hall, on Avenida Agamenon Magalhães. Staff will be on site from 3pm on Saturday (3) until 6am on Sunday (4). In total, 40 traffic officers will be on site. Drivers must pay attention to signs prohibiting parking. Any vehicle caught on sidewalks or in a double row runs the risk of being towed. In case of doubts, citizens can contact CTTU via free 24-hour telephone support on 0800.081.1078.

Doll Race Moves Olinda this Saturday

The 400-meter route extends from Mercado da Ribeira to the Palácio dos Governadores, the seat of the city hall. At 7:30 am, before the event, breakfast will be offered to participants at the Market. Then, at 8:30 am, the dolls will be weighed, as they will be divided into two categories: light (up to 15kg) and heavy (over 15kg). Both will compete for cash prizes. First place will receive R$1,500, second will receive R$900 and third will receive R$600. Dolls in the heavy category will compete for R$2,500 for first place, R$1,200 for second and R$800 for third. Each category will have six participants. This year, the traditional football team mascot race will not be held. Instead, a test will be introduced involving dolls representing the three big clubs in Pernambuco: Leão (Sport), timbu (Náutico) and cobra coral (Santa Cruz).

“Kissing Disease”: infectious disease specialist details symptoms and treatment

Mononucleosis, also known as Kissing Disease, is quite common during Carnival season. But the infectious disease specialist, Camila Martins, from the Miguel Arraes hospital, remembers that despite the name, kissing is not the only form of contagion. Contamination is through viruses and also occurs through sneezes, coughs and saliva into glasses, cutlery and cups. The symptoms are similar to those of a bad flu or bacterial tonsillitis. “The person may have a high fever, sore throat, tonsil secretion, cough, fatigue, joint pain and the appearance of ganglia in the neck, in addition to the appearance of red spots on the body”, she details. There is no specific treatment for the disease. The patient should rest, hydrate well and avoid self-medication. If symptoms worsen, a doctor should be consulted.

Sunday will be a meeting of Afoxés in the Pátio de São Pedro

This Sunday (4) the groups that represent Candomblé on the street will meet at Pátio de São Pedro for the Ubuntu rehearsal. The ceremony marks the opening of the festivities, is intended to bless Carnival, and takes place on Thursday, February 8th. In total, 20 afoxés will take the axé to the Patio to wish them a Carnival of prosperity and peace, starting at 5pm.

Bairro da Várzea will have a fair, recreation and cultural presentation this Sunday

The first edition of “Crabolando no Nosso Quintal” will bring together exhibitors, artisans and entrepreneurs at the fair. The event will also feature cultural presentations and recreational activities, between 10am and 6pm, at Nosso Quintal, an open space behind Hub Plural, on Rua João Francisco Lisboa, 385. Children will also be covered, from 11am to 5pm, when entertainers will promote activities with the kids, who will also be able to enjoy trampolines and participate in traditional street games.

New housing in the state prioritizes environments for early childhood

The government announced the construction of new housing throughout the state, within the FAR modality, aimed at lower-income families, providing free properties, without the need for financing. Currently, 984 units are in the contracting phase for companies in locations such as Recife, Gravatá and Santa Cruz do Capibaribe. An innovation is the inclusion of spaces aimed at early childhood. In Recife, the housing will be built on land in the Cordeiro Exhibition Park, with capacity for 736 units. In Gravatá, 104 units will be built, and in Santa Cruz do Capibaribe, another 144 units.

Traveling during Carnival also requires care with your vehicle.

Anyone going on the road to enjoy or escape Carnival needs to pay attention. During last year’s Carnival, at least 1,085 incidents were recorded on federal highways and 73 deaths, according to data from the Federal Highway Police. To travel more safely, the master in Engineering and member of the Infrastructure Center of the National Road Safety Observatory (ONSV), Rodrigo Aguiar, makes some recommendations. A prior assessment of the vehicle before the route to be taken is required. The professor at Centro Universitário Tiradentes (Unit–PE) warns that a good checklist includes, for example, brakes, headlights, signage and tires. It is important to plan the route, check the amount of fuel or gas in the tank and whether, on the stretch to be covered, there is a way to refuel if necessary.

Grammy 2024 will debut African music category

This year’s Grammys brings a musical revolution with the debut of the “Best African Music Performance” category. Afrobeat, Afro-House, Kizomba and Afro-pop stand out with artists like Rema, Burna Boy and Tyla. The category redefines music by mixing genres such as R&B and Rap with pulsating beats and diverse languages. From Kpanlogo to Afrobeat, Africa’s rich musical heritage is celebrated. Nominees include Asake and Olamide (“Amapiano”), Burna Boy (“City Boy”), Davido (“Unavailable”), Ayra Starr (“Rush”) and Tyla (“Water”). February in Los Angeles, promises to recognize and celebrate African musical diversity, paving the way for an era of global recognition.

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