UFPE. How can we continue the fight for a quality, state-owned UK, at an affordable price and without precarious work?

UFPE. How can we continue the fight for a quality, state-owned UK, at an affordable price and without precarious work?
UFPE. How can we continue the fight for a quality, state-owned UK, at an affordable price and without precarious work?

This humiliating scenario is the result of years of collusion between the management of the DCE “Todas as Vozes” (PDT, PSB, Levante, UJS and PT) with the company and the REItoria, where even with these cases mentioned above, it was not organized, not even , a general assembly of students to organize the fight for a quality UK. The policy adapted from “Todas as Vozes”, which is an ally of the RECTORY, is the same as that of the majority leadership of UNE, which only serves to stop the students’ struggle; while the Lula-Alckmin government passes cuts in Education and attacks such as the New Secondary Education.

We know that the REItoria serves as an administrator of the Lula-Alckmin bourgeois government’s attacks on the university, which not only maintained the Bolsonaro government’s cuts, but has also been operating million-dollar cuts in health and education since last year. This is reflected in the precarious structure of the university, with a lack of air conditioning, buildings with cracks, a lack of drinking fountains, a lack of daycare centers, residence grants and a long etc.

This is the same RECTORY that issued a cynical statement on its Instagram page saying that it “identified the problems” based on the health surveillance inspection and “took the necessary measures”, as if both it and the company were willing to resolve the issue. the quality of UK food; This is nothing more than a stupid and blatant lie: General Goods collects several reports of food poisoning inside and outside the university, and when more than 1000 students fell ill due to spoiled food, the RECTORY placed the blame on the students for the contamination, saying that “they don’t wash their hands”!

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We want to open a dialogue with all those who really want to fight for a quality RU and who can no longer bear being sick because of food, living in the uncertainty of when they will find larvae or will get sick again.

We at Faísca Revolucionária have been promoting a campaign for a quality, state-owned UK, under the control of those who work there, with affordable prices and without precarious work. Pasting posters around the university, participating in acts and actions with students at the door of RU, demanding that UNE break with its paralysis and call for student assemblies to organize our struggle; as well as demanding UEPE (led by UP/Correnteza) which also follows the same policy of immobilizing the student struggle.

It was in this sense that we social science students and activists of Faísca Revolucionária promoted, together with more than 100 students, a petition demanding that the DACS, made up of Mangue Vermelho, UJC and independent students, hold an assembly to organize the fight for a RU of quality, for student retention and against the New Secondary Education. Unfortunately, the assembly was poorly constructed and poorly publicized by DACS, which made it impossible for the social sciences course to launch a strong campaign that could serve as an example for other courses.

With the same objective of boosting self-organization from the grassroots, through democratic bodies such as assemblies, we work in the Struggle Command composed mostly of DAs directed by Mangue Vermelho (Mathematics, Cinema, Social Sciences and Philosophy), other directories and independent students. But – which does not surprise us – the policy of the DAs led by Mangue Vermelho is not to hold assemblies and encourage self-organization to expand the student struggle. On the contrary, they have used the Struggle Command to justify isolated, avant-garde actions (such as the attempt to occupy the Rectory with just 15 people), without any concern about mobilizing students who are not organized.

This prevents more students from participating in the fight for a quality UK, from listening to students’ demands and, above all, from making the fight more widespread. Furthermore, the fight that has been carried out until now is only reactive to each new absurdity, with forces being lost with each new attempt at mobilization. Therefore, we at Faísca Revolucionária have been defending the need for these DAs to commit to call base assemblies, where each student has the right to voice and vote, so that through self-organization, students can take the fight into their own hands.

Furthermore, we think it is a mistake to defend the policy of “breach of contract” and “Fora General Goods”, which means exchanging this company for another company, as advocated by the companions of Mangue Vermelho and Todas as Vozes. We cannot sell the lie that putting another company in General Goods’ place will change the situation, because the new company, like any other company in capitalism, will only be concerned with profits, not with the quality of the service provided to students. The worst of all, on top of that, is that the policy of breaking the contract and changing the company puts the termination of the contract and the choice of the new company in the hands of the REItoria. Against that, we defend the nationalization of the UK, under the control of those who work there and the students, so that no company profits from outsourced work, and so that the UK is at the service of the academic community and not capitalist profits.

Not to mention that we cannot accept that the result of our struggle is the dismissal of UK workers who are currently hired by General Goods, as has been happening. Even Físca Revolucionária and countless other students drawing attention to this – countless times – in the Struggle Command, the comrades of Mangue Vermelho do not even mention the problem of outsourcing and precarious work in publications and in the struggle flags in relation to the RU. It is necessary to remember that precarious workers are precisely the sector that suffers most from labor reform and unrestricted outsourcing – maintained by the bourgeois government of Lula-Alckmin. Due to their precarious condition, these workers suffer countless harassment and can be fired at any time without their rights, as was the case now with the dismissal of 20 workers. We are against precarious and outsourced work at universities, carried out by a majority of black workers, and that is why We defend that the nationalization of the UK takes place with the incorporation of all outsourced workers without the need for a public tender.

The situation in the UK is also the way it is because of the undemocratic way in which the university works, where we don’t even have the right to vote to choose the REItor. In reality, students can only participate in a disparate and undemocratic council, where teachers have a 75% proportion, and employees and students, only 25%, that is; These students who eat in the UK every day simply can’t decide how it will work or not. We have to question the power structure of the university, defending management with proportionate weight to the sectors that make up the university community, with a student majority, extinguishing the RECTORY once and for all. This involves imposing a Free and Sovereign University Statute.

To achieve our demands we need to organize ourselves through massive, democratic assemblies, which build student strikes (as we saw last year at USP and UNICAMP), using our methods of struggle such as highway blockades, demonstrations, counting on the massive participation of students. Capitalist society and the RECTORY want us to be pulverized, separated; They know that when we build our struggle in a united way, in alliance with these workers, we can achieve these demands and much more.

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