Carnival in Ouro Preto: check out the diversity of blocks and attractions

Carnival in Ouro Preto: check out the diversity of blocks and attractions
Carnival in Ouro Preto: check out the diversity of blocks and attractions
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Known for hosting one of the most traditional carnivals in Brazil and one of the largest in Minas Gerais, the historic city of Ouro Preto is preparing to welcome revelers, tourists and Ouro Preto residents in a celebration full of culture and tradition. The City Hall, through the Department of Culture and Tourism, is meticulously organizing a rich and diverse program for the biggest popular festival in the city’s cultural calendar.

With the theme “A trip to Ouro Preto, the modernist city”, this year’s Carnival pays homage to the excursion organized by Mário de Andrade during Holy Week in 1924. Inspired by the baroque of Minas Gerais and enchanted by the works of Aleijadinho and Mestre Ataíde, the modernists found a genuinely Brazilian expression of art in Ouro Preto.

Thanks to this special attention from modernists, Ouro Preto is today a city that preserves a diverse cultural heritage, providing carnival attractions for all audiences. So that revelers can make the most of the party, here are three tips on what to do during Carnival in Ouro Preto.

Tip 1: Street Blocks

The Ouro Preto Carnival is marked by the diversity between the Street Carnival and the University Carnival. With 40 blocks confirmed to parade through the streets, the city offers options for all tastes. Traditional, new blocks and those that return after years of absence are present, guaranteeing a unique experience for revelers.

Stand out groups such as the “Bandalheira Folclórica Ouro-pretana”, which has been parading down the slopes for 51 years with its peculiar clothing, the “Zé Pereira dos Lacaios”, the oldest group in Brazil with its three-meter-high catitões, and the creative “Charanga de Lata”, with instruments made by retirees from the old aluminum factory.

In addition to the caricatured blocks, the tradition of the Samba School parades also promises to enchant, transforming Praça Tiradentes into a sambadrome on Carnival days.

Tip 2: University Carnival

As a university city, Ouro Preto organizes a Carnival led by student organizations. The Liga dos Blocos, formed in 2005, brings national attractions such as Pedro Sampaio, Turma do Pagode and MC Cabelinho. The federal republics, such as Partenon, Aquarius and Nau Sem Rumo, also offer party packages for those who prefer convenience.

Tip 3: Villages and Waterfalls

For those looking for tranquility away from the festivities, Ouro Preto has options in its districts and sub-districts. Lavras Novas, 19 km from the city, is known for its charming village and waterfalls. São Bartolomeu, land of artisanal sweets, is another district that preserves tradition and offers a serene refuge.

source: Jornal Voz Ativa

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