Ana Castela is presented with a ‘queen’s’ animal to live in her home: ‘dangerous’

Ana Castela is presented with a ‘queen’s’ animal to live in her home: ‘dangerous’
Ana Castela is presented with a ‘queen’s’ animal to live in her home: ‘dangerous’

Singer Ana Castela was presented this Thursday (1st) with a “queen’s” animal to live in her home. She got a Pomeranian dog and joked about the new pet’s appearance: “dangerous”.

The person who gave the doggo to the cattle dog was veterinary doctor Fabiana Gimenez, who also presented singer Luan Pereira with another Pomeranian Lulu of her creation.

Fabiana personally went to Ana Castela’s house to deliver the dog and the singer loved the gift. As soon as she received the new pet that will live indoors, the Mato Grosso native made a point of introducing him to her fans and revealed that she had named the animal José.

“Hi guys, I’m José. Look… Guys, new member of the family”, he said, showing the pet. Look:

Ana Castela’s family was delighted with José and the herd thanked the doctor for the animal. “May God bless you so much. José came to bring joy,” she wrote.

Finally, the artist spent the day with her new puppy and had fun. “Look at his size, when he walks, only his little tail appears. Dangerous,” she joked.

Why queen animal?

Dwarf German Spitz, also known as the Pomeranian, is the smallest variety of the German spitz breed. Native to Pomerania, a region that encompasses part of Germany and Poland, the animal became popularly known for being “adored by royalty”.

The pet, considered elegant and beautiful, became a favorite of Queen Victoria of England. And it was precisely the animal’s exposure for years in public appearances that made the breed desired everywhere in the world.

Lulus are kings of cute nicknames and enchant with their unique coat. The price of an animal of this breed varies from R$3,000 to R$15,000 in Brazil, depending on the kennel. It is considered a docile, friendly and excellent companion pet.

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