Bitcoin price at US$ 100 thousand are expectations for Halving!

Bitcoin price at US$ 100 thousand are expectations for Halving!
Bitcoin price at US$ 100 thousand are expectations for Halving!

The cryptocurrency universe is heated as a crucial event approaches: the halving of Bitcoin, anticipated to April 2024. This phenomenon, which is witnessed every four years, changes the compensation for cryptocurrency miners, driving positive phases and generating expectations in the market.

What is the Bitcoin Halving?

Bitcoin Halving is a scheduled readjustment that halves rewards to Bitcoin miners. This event has the effect of not only intensifying the scarcity of digital currency, but also boosting appreciation phases, which reinforces investor confidence.

For example, after the 2012 Halving, the value of one Bitcoin went from 250 dollars to 1250 dollars. In the most recent Halving, in 2020, the value of Bitcoin soared to around 69 thousand dollars.

Expectations for the next Halving

“The expectation is that the value of Bitcoin will reach the $100,000 mark in the next bull cycle,” says Luís Coelho, cryptocurrency analyst at Futokens. “However, it is important to remember that past results do not guarantee future returns. This applies to any investment activity”, adds Coelho.

Could halving bring new investors to the market?

When asked about Halving’s possible ability to attract new investors to the cryptocurrency market, Coelho emphasizes the growing institutional interest in this sphere. According to him, this interest not only drives demand but also acts as a catalyst for significant appreciation of Bitcoin.

Furthermore, this institutional interest adds greater legitimacy to Bitcoin, elevating its status as an investment asset.

Advice for novice investors

Given these contexts, the Futokens analyst advises: “For new investors, the potential appreciation and increased reputation of the currency as a solid and respectable asset are points to be considered.”

However, expectations surrounding the Halving can trigger sharp fluctuations in prices, creating risks for ill-prepared investors.

Therefore, Coelho’s tip is clear: “Setting short, medium and long-term financial goals and diversifying investments are essential steps. In addition to buying the currency itself, there are funds that follow the price of cryptocurrencies, this can help investors diversify their investments in a safer way”.

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