Bus knocks down traffic lights in accident this Friday (2)

Bus knocks down traffic lights in accident this Friday (2)
Bus knocks down traffic lights in accident this Friday (2)

Collective also hit a car on Avenida Indianópolis.

Published: 02/02/2024

An accident on the afternoon of this Friday, February 2, 2024, caused changes in the circulation of bus lines and traffic on Avenida Indianópolis, South Zone of São Paulo.

At around 3 pm, at the intersection with Avenida República do Libano, the public transport bus from the company Mobibrasil that served line 6358/10 Jd. Luso – Term. Flag, collided with a car.

He then knocked down a traffic light pole, partially blocking the avenue and generating traffic.

See below images of the accident published by the Varginha News profile.

In a statement, SPTrans said it was investigating the causes of the accident, but did not say whether there were any victims.

“SPTrans informs that the Transport Accident Reduction Program (PRAT) is investigating the occurrence this Friday (2) on Av. Ibirapuera, at the intersection with Av. Rep. do Virgínia, in Indianópolis, around 3pm, involving the bus with prefix 6 3018, which operated on line 6358/10 Jd. Luso – Term. Flag, from Mobibrasil. A BO/PM was registered.

SPTrans works to increase road safety in public transport and carries out measures such as new training for all drivers in the capital, intensive inspection of safety items, the seizure of vehicles and the removal of drivers who do not adopt defensive driving concepts, in addition to determining the installation of seals that prevent the blockers from being tampered with.”

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