Combating Illegal Deforestation and Crime in the Ouro Preto Extractive Reserve



On January 29, 2024, the Guajará-Mirim/RO region witnessed the synergy and operational power of the Rondônia Border Command/6th Jungle Infantry Battalion during “Operation Macunaíma”. This operation, with the main objective of combating illegal deforestation, mobilized a task force made up of military units and security and environmental conservation agencies, including ICMBio, Military Police/RO and Federal Police.

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The results of Operation Macunaíma were significant, reflecting the commitment of the forces involved with environmental preservation and public safety. The application of fines worth R$ 14,000.00 for illegal activities, the seizure of weapons, chainsaws and wood valued at R$ 10,000.00, and the arrest of a fugitive from justice accused of serious crimes, are testimony to the effectiveness and the importance of the operation.

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Operation Macunaíma not only fulfilled its immediate objectives, but also highlighted the readiness and operational capacity of the troops of the 17th Jungle Infantry Brigade. The ability to coordinate integrated actions and respond efficiently to a variety of challenges emphasizes the strategic importance of this Brigade in protecting natural resources and maintaining order in the region.

An Ongoing Commitment to Sustainability and Safety

The successful execution of Operation Macunaíma is a reminder of the continued commitment of the armed forces and security and environmental agencies to sustainability and security. The actions carried out in the Ouro Preto Extractive Reserve demonstrate that environmental preservation and the fight against crime are priorities that require constant vigilance and a cooperative and coordinated approach.

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