Caixa issues note on savings charges and 5 warnings


Understand details about the account opened at Caixa Econômica and the truth about billing

In partnership with the Federal Government, the Savings Bank serves more than 150 million people in Brazil. There are several account options, faced with broad competition from new and old financial institutions.

One of them is Digital Social Savings, which is free. It is possible to make transfers, PIX, withdrawals, payments, among other methods. This type of account can be opened free of charge and has been one of the most sought after.

Since 2020, the platform has also been used to pay social aid, such as Bolsa Família. The program, for those who don’t know, helps more than 21 million homes and has become the country’s main income distribution channel.

Caixa Econômica Federal
Digital Social Savings was created to receive payment for public programs, such as Bolsa Família (Photo: Caixa Econômica Federal)

However, you need to be careful. Recently, Caixa Econômica released a statement explaining the closure of Digital Social Savings. It does not have an expiration date, but, in some situations, it can be closed if the user breaks the rules.

If there are irregularities, the bank may terminate access to the platform, making future transactions and payments impossible. “If the CPF linked to the account becomes irregular with the Federal Revenue Service, the account will be closed by Caixa itself,” he said in a note.

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Caixa Econômica Federal
Caixa Econômica Federal serves more than 150 million people, being the main bank in operation in the country (Photo: Agência Brasil)

What is the Caixa Digital Social Savings fee?

There is no charge for this type of account. In a note, the bank listed 5 warnings for those who keep one of them open and the services that are available through the application.

  1. Up to 2 digital withdrawals (without card) per month at a self-service terminal, Lottery Unit and/or Correspondent;
  2. Up to 3 transfers per month, to accounts at other banks;
  3. Unlimited transfers to Caixa accounts;
  4. Unlimited transfers and receipts via Pix;
  5. Carrying out consultations via digital means, website or applications made available by Caixa.



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