Court upholds arrest of son who confessed to his father’s death

Court upholds arrest of son who confessed to his father’s death
Court upholds arrest of son who confessed to his father’s death

The court decided to temporarily keep Matheus Felipe, 18 years old, in prison for 30 days, who confessed to having killed his father in Indaial, in Vale do Itajaí, confirmed the TJSC (Court of Justice of Santa Catarina). He also seriously injured his own mother, who is hospitalized. The custody hearing took place this Friday (2).

18-year-old son confessed to killing his father and planning the crime – Photo: Personal archive/Social Networks/ND

The cruelty behind the murder of businessman Márcio Elizeu Melo, aged 45, and the attempted murder of his wife, aged 39, left Indaial’s Civil Police chief, Filipe Martins Alves Pereira, appalled. The son was arrested on Thursday (1st) and confessed to the crime, which occurred in the early hours of Monday (29th), at the family home, in the Estrada das Areias neighborhood.

Rodolfo Warmeling, Matheus’ lawyer, said that the suspect confessed spontaneously. “We guided him and it was also his desire to report his version of the events of what happened that morning. Duly guided, he provided the clarifications and remains at the disposal of the Court.”

Matheus committed the crime together with a friend, who also had his temporary arrest maintained by the courts. O ND More was unable to locate the defense of the other suspect.

Son did not react when he found out that his father died

This Friday morning, the Civil Police clarified the details of the crime. For the delegate, the cruelty of the son who killed his father in Indaial and stabbed his mother is even greater than that found in the case of Suzane von Richthofen, convicted of murdering her parents in 2002.

During the interrogation, Matheus showed no reaction when he found out that his father died. According to the Civil Police, he was even scared to learn that his mother had survived.

“This case takes on an even greater cruelty. In Suzane’s case, the participation would have been in opening the door for the executors to enter and commit the crime, this is what was found there. In this crime, the cruelty is greater, because in addition to the son having planned everything, having planned and promised a reward, he is also the one who carried out the crime and strikes his mother at the moment of the incident,” she said.

According to the Indaial Civil Police Chief, the son went to the kitchen of his own house to get a knife. To get to the property, he and his co-perpetrator had to pass through a forested area. Along the way, the couple’s son lost the knife he would use in the crime.

Security camera caught moment when son picks up knife used to kill his father in Indaial – Video: Civil Police/Reproduction/ND

The other young man suspected of the businessman’s death said he received an offer to help, which, including the inheritance, would be shared with him.

Motivation of the crime

The son worked in a small metallurgical factory that his parents owned in Indaial and did not accept being treated “as a mere employee”, in the words of the police chief. To date, this would be one of the reasons that the Civil Police believe led to the brutal death of the father and the attempted murder of the mother.

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