we return to the streets in Argentina


The debate on the Omnibus Law will have a key day today. After two days of debates and several weeks of repression behind the people’s backs, the officialdom and the collaborationist blocs want to approve the Law. They wanted to do it on Thursday night and in the early hours of Friday. As they say, between roosters and midnight. But they couldn’t. The “give and take” among libertarians, governors and businesspeople was accompanied by a message that came from abroad. Despite the desertion of Peronism and its social and trade union leadership, television channels had to reflect the rejection expressed by the mobilizations of popular assemblies, Unidos pela Cultura, social organizations and the left, to which the pots later joined.

This farm was yet another expression of the malaise that reaches millions, but which today is expressed in the tens of thousands who are mobilizing across the country. That’s why the repression against protesters, journalists and deputies occurred: because they want to vote on an anti-people law as quickly as possible.

The Palace: they want to vote today

As Jesica Calcagno points out in her column this Thursday: “The background to the repression and the decision of the government and the dialogue blocs to hold the session ‘as if nothing had happened’ is that they were finally reaching agreements on the omnibus law in the eternal negotiation with the executive branch. At a time of greater tension and repression around Congress, a new text from the Executive Branch appeared covering several of the proposals from the collaborationist blocs.

The Left Front deputies denounced these pacts, and also the repression that was taking place. Therefore, they left the room, along with deputies from other blocks. But the repression continued. Finally, the libertarians called a break in the Congress session to agree on the final text that they intend to vote on today.

The streets: new commitment of honor

As all the media reported, there was no agreement on the streets. In any case, the only agreement among thousands of protesters was to express their rejection of what was being cooked inside Congress. Despite the absence of the CGT, the CTA and the weak Peronist delegations, thousands of people gathered again. They resisted repression by hundreds of federal and police forces for hours. The message reached millions of other people who repudiate the Government. It’s not little. But this first battle is not over yet.

This Friday there is a new commitment. The session where they will try to approve the Omnibus Law began at 10 am. But the call to neighborhood assemblies, the left and social organizations to return to focus on Congress has also been confirmed. At 4pm, a Unides Festival for Culture will begin, with artists. At that time, the organizations that were there these days will begin to arrive, but they appeal to all those who reject the adjustment and right-wing laws to come to Congress.

This is one of the first battles against Milei’s entire plan. We must show on the streets that resistance has also begun.

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