Teenagers are sentenced to life in prison for killing young trans people with 28 stab wounds


Photo: Cheshire Constabulary

Two 16-year-old teenagers were sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Brianna Ghey, a young transgender woman, who was the same age when she was killed. The jury gave the verdict in a trial this Friday, 2, in England.

O murder took place on February 11, 2023, in a park in the town of Warrington. The victim died from 28 stab wounds to the head, neck, chest and back. The blows were made with a hunting knife.

According to investigations, the criminals, identified as Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe, tricked Brianna into going to the location. Both denied the crime, but accused each other. The police were unable to conclude whether just one of them or both struck. The identity of those convicted was disclosed as it was a case of public interest.

During the trial, it was stated that the two are intelligent and also fascinated with violence, torture and serial murders. The crime was premeditated, with records written on paper and through cell phone messages. The records contained plans for other murders. The police denied that the motivation was transphobia.

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According to the news agency Associated Press, the two convicts showed no reaction upon learning the sentence. They will serve at least 22 (Scarlett) and 20 (Eddie) years in prison. After the deadline, their sentence will increase. Scarlett received a greater sentence as she was considered the leader of the crime.

As they are both under 18, they will begin serving time in a juvenile facility. When they reach the age of majority, they will be sent to an adult prison. Both will only be released in the future if it is proven that they will not pose a danger, according to the judge in the case, Amanda Yip.

At sentencing, Yip stated: “You participated in a planned and brutal murder, which is sadistic in nature, and the ulterior motive was your hostility toward Brianna because of her transgender identity.”

Source: Redação Terra

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