Procon carries out first food price survey in 2024


Procon Municipal de Palmas visited eight supermarkets in the Capital to carry out the first price survey in 2024 for the items that make up the basic food basket and fruit and vegetables. Between the 29th and 31st of January, the agency’s inspectors carried out a survey of 18 food items, of which the following stand out: rice, beans, whole milk, ground coffee, sugar, oil, refined salt, white egg, spaghetti noodles, paper toiletries, toothpaste, wheat flour, crackers, sardines, sliced ​​bread, flakes and the basic basket already assembled.

Among the main foods that are part of the basic food basket is rice, a 5 kg package, from a certain brand, for example, ranged from R$ 27.99 to R$ 33.99, representing a difference of R$ 6 .00 between the highest and lowest price searched. A package of one kilo of beans from a specific brand also had a considerable variation, going from R$5.99 to R$10.69, which represents a difference of R$4.70.

Other products widely consumed on a daily basis, such as sardines, ground coffee and wheat flour, also had large price variations. A 125 g can of sardines from a certain company registered a difference of R$2.04, ranging from R$4.45 to R$6.49. A 250 g package of ground coffee is being sold from R$4.89 to R$7.49, a variation of R$2.60. A one kilo package of wheat flour costs R$ 3.59 for the lowest price and R$ 7.99 for the highest, a difference of R$ 4.40.

Personal hygiene

In addition to food, personal hygiene products also showed significant fluctuations. The package with four units of toilet paper was found to cost R$5.19 to R$9.49, which represents a variation of R$4.30 between the lowest and highest price researched. The 70 g toothpaste presented a variation of R$1.40, with prices ranging from R$2.39 to R$3.79.

Fruit and vegetable

In total, 36 items were checked, including vegetables and fruits. The survey showed that a kilo of potatoes ranges from R$8.99 to R$13.59, while a kilo of carrots varies between R$8.89 and R$11.79. A kilo of salad tomatoes ranges from R$5.99 to R$9.99. The broccoli unit was found for the lowest price of R$8.99 and the highest for R$11.99.

Regarding fruits, a kilo of orange was found for the lowest price of R$ 3.99 and the highest for R$ 5.29. The pineapple unit has the lowest value of R$4.99 and the highest of R$8.99. A kilo of passion fruit costs between R$12.99 and R$19.99. A kilo of avocado has a price ranging from R$4.99 to R$8.99 and a 500g strawberry tray was found with the lowest price of R$8.99 and the highest of R$12.99.

According to the superintendent of Procon Municipal de Palmas, Rafael Dias, the aim of carrying out and publicizing the price comparison survey of establishments is to make life easier for consumers. “It is very important that consumers are aware and, above all, consult and follow the research that Procon carries out, this will help and help them save money before leaving home, he highlighted”.

The complete basic food basket survey can be seen here.
The complete fruit and vegetable research can be seen here.

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