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February 2, 2024

“Today we learned even more about how to take care of ourselves to avoid cancer. I am a person considered, loved and respected by Projeto Viver and by the entire IPMT family. When I come here I only receive love. When I arrived here, my daughter was in a deep depression and they worried about me, helped me and today my daughter is fine. God helped me and brought Project Viver, which serves us and our families. Today I have my smile back. I am very grateful to Mayor Dinair and Lázaro from IPMT for everything I received and receive to this day. This is a garden that Jesus planted in my life. I only have gratitude.”, said owner Ana Maria Sousa, who worked as a janitor in the municipality for 30 years.

This is the purpose of the Viver Project of the Timon Municipal Pension Institute (IPMT): to care, respect, love, promote life. And, with this aim, an action was held this Friday (02) in reference to World Cancer Day, which will be celebrated on the 4th.

The event brought together beneficiaries for a lecture given by Dr. Luciano Mourão, general practitioner and project doctor, addressing essential care and prevention. In addition to the informative lecture, informative pamphlets were also distributed. The occasion was marked by playful activities, providing a relaxed and educational environment.

Lázaro Martins, president of IPMT, highlighted the relevance of these actions aimed at the age group of the public served by the project. “These activities not only inform, but strengthen the commitment to the health and lives of each of our beneficiaries. The name of the project already conveys our purpose: to live. And live with quality, health and joy. ”

“Cancer is a frightening disease and today we are invited to take better care of ourselves and live longer. It’s been a little over a year since I arrived here at Projeto Viver. I have bipolar disorder and I was very ill when I came here. Today I am a new Karla because I came to the project. Here I was welcomed, supported and I’m fine. Anyone who is a beneficiary and is not here yet, come because it is very good, it is good for us”, said Karla Barbosa, IPMT beneficiary.

IPMT beneficiaries (retirees and pensioners) who wish to participate in Projeto Viver can contact the number 99 3212 5580 or go to the institute’s headquarters (Praça São José, 100, Centro).

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