Nubank issues 4 warnings in the face of terror


Nubank issues four important alerts to enjoy Carnival

Nubank has become one of the main institutions in the country. Therefore, they value the quality of their services.

This Friday, 2nd, the financial institution issued an urgent statement to customers in the face of terror.

This is because the bank highlighted some security measures to prevent robberies during Carnival.

In February, countless Brazilians take to the streets to celebrate Carnival in blocks.

But every year, many end up being victims of robberies. With this in mind, Nubank gave four tips for its customers.

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People celebrating carnival and Nubank logo (Photos: Reproductions / Internet / Freepik)

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Password on everything:

The first tip is to use passwords on everything, from your cell phone’s lock screen to applications like WhatsApp and banks.

Look for safe places:

It is important to only use your cell phone in safe places and look around before using it to avoid taking risks.

Naked Insurance:

The tip for those who have an account with Nubank is to use Nu Seguros for their cell phone. The prices are also attractive.

Mark your data:

Place stickers on your Nubank card to prevent it from being exchanged. It’s ideal to cover his data too.

But, be careful not to put it on the magnetic card, as it may fail when used.

People holding credit cards (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)
People holding credit cards (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)


Pay attention to the machine display:

Look at the display to make sure the amount charged is correct and avoid unwanted payments.

Activate street mode:

With this modality you will be able to limit PIX, TED and bill payment transfers. You just set the value.

Disable zoom mode:

The approach mode has become widely used. But, during Carnival, it’s worth deactivating it so that you don’t make a purchase that you didn’t make.

Block the card:

Furthermore, Nubank highlights the importance of contacting the bank if the card is stolen so that the card can be blocked.

And keep an eye on the moment you enter your password, make sure you are actually at the checkout stage (when the card machine asks for your password) and not at some other stage.

People celebrating carnival and Nubank logo (Photos: Reproductions / Internet / Freepik)
People celebrating carnival and Nubank logo (Photos: Reproductions / Internet / Freepik)


Customers who want to contact Nubank have a few possibilities. Are they:

  • Telephone: Service (0800 591 2117 or for capital 4020 0185);
  • Ombudsman (0800 887 0464)
  • Email: [email protected];
  • Chat: Through the application.
Nubank is the country's main digital bank (Reproduction: Internet)
Nubank (Reproduction: Internet)



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