Soybean prices fall even with a rise in the dollar; see the quotes


The Brazilian market for soy had an atypical day. Even with the dollar rising significantly in relation to the real, the oilseed fell on the Chicago Stock Exchange.

Thus, prices in Brazil were mixed, fluctuating within small margins. There were few busy lots.

Analysts Crops & Market explain that the majority of business carried out is
in the “to be fixed” mode, when volumes are negotiated, but prices are agreed

See prices for a 60kg bag

  • Missions Region: R$ 119.50
  • Port of Rio Grande: R$ 123
  • Port of Paranaguá (PR): R$ 118
  • Rondonópolis (MT): R$ 103
  • Dourados (MS): dropped from R$102 to R$101
  • Rio Verde (GO): went from R$100 to R$101

Soy in Chicago

soybean harvest
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Soybean futures contracts traded on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) closed Friday with lower prices.

In addition to fundamental factors, the market was pressured today by the climate of greater risk aversion in finance.

Data released by the American government indicated that the job market remains strong in that country, resulting in doubts about when the interest rate cut cycle will begin in the United States.

The climate of risk aversion increased, oil fell and the dollar rose, with investors
looking for safer options.

During the week, the March position accumulated a loss of 1.7%, feeling the pressure exerted by the fundamental scenario. The arrival of a large harvest from South America makes buyers shift their demand. As a result, there is additional pressure on American futures prices.

Next week, attention will be focused on the February report from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), which will be released on Thursday (8).

Futures contracts

Soybean contracts for delivery in March closed down 14.75 cents, or 1.22%, at US$ 11.88 1/2 per bushel. The May position was quoted at US$11.98 1/4 per bushel, with a loss of 15.50 cents or 1.27%.

In by-products, the March bran position closed down US$4.90 or 1.35% at US$356.90 per ton. In oil, contracts expiring in March closed at 44.73 cents, down 0.87 cents or 1.9%.


The commercial dollar ended the session up 1.06%, trading at R$4.9676 for sale and R$4.9657 for purchase.

During the day, the North American currency fluctuated between a minimum of R$4.9048 and a maximum of R$4.9758. During the week, the currency appreciated by 1.16%.

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