What time does BBB start today: BBB Time, Friday, 02/02

What time does BBB start today: BBB Time, Friday, 02/02
What time does BBB start today: BBB Time, Friday, 02/02

What’s on BBB today? This Friday (02) the BBB 24 (Big Brother Brazil 2024) shows leader Fernanda choosing four people to target Paredão during the live program. See at the end what time BBB starts today, according to Globo’s schedule.

Today’s edition should also remember Fernanda’s victory in the Seara Leader Test.

In addition to divide the house between VIP and Xepa, the leader needs to choose four participants to enter ‘Na Mira do Líder’. This means that, necessarily, one of the four will be nominated as leader in the next Paredão.

However, the four can still save themselves from being nominated as leader if one of them wins the Angel Test, if they receive immunity from the Angel or if one of them answers the Big Fone.

  • See what time BBB starts today at the end of the text


Leader Fernanda will have to choose four people “in her sights” this Friday (2).

The Prova do Anjo takes place this Saturday (3) and Big Fone plays at the beginning of the program on Sunday (4). Whoever answers Big Fone this week will win immunity and divides the House into two groups.

On Sunday, the Formation of Paredão takes place following the immunization of Anjo and the nomination of the BBB leader. For the second time this season, the Paredão will be quadruple.

Check out the dynamics of the formation of Paredão:

  • Autoimmune angel immunizes a person
  • BBB leader, Fernanda nominates one person among the four who placed Na Mira
  • House voting will be open and closed. Groups divided by who answered Big Fone
  • Open voting will define two pairs: Group 1 votes for Group 2 and vice versa
  • Closed voting: Group 1 and Group 2 can only vote for people from their own group
  • Back and forth test: The paired teams, with the exception of the leader’s indication, compete. One is saved
  • Quadruple Wall is formed at BBB 24

Furthermore, this is the second week with the Bate e Volta Test.

Elimination takes place next Tuesday (30).


BBB 24 starts at 10:25 pm this Friday (02), according to Globo’s schedule.

However, the BBB schedule may be changed by the broadcaster without prior notice.

This Friday’s reality show (02), which will show Big Fone, starts right after the soap opera airs Reborn (9:20 pm to 10:24 pm).

The article is in Portuguese

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