INSS makes an URGENT call for retirees not to lose their salaries


Beneficiaries of National Social Security Institute (INSS)including retirees, pensioners and those receiving long-term assistance, are being called to take the life test.

INSS makes an URGENT call for retirees not to lose their salaries
INSS makes an URGENT call for retirees not to lose their salaries. (Image: FDR)

Since 2023, the INSS uses the crossing of information from different bodies to verify the validity of beneficiaries. In this process, the municipality identified 4.3 million of beneficiaries, born in January, February and Marchwhich were not found in any database.

These beneficiaries are being notified through the My INSS app, number 135 or bank notification, with the guidance of carrying out proof of life in the next 60 days, at risk of payment being blocked.

INSS proof of life formats

O Institute accepts different records as proof of life. Are they:

  • Access to the Meu INSS application with the gold seal or other applications and systems from public bodies and entities that have certification and access control, in Brazil or abroad;
  • Taking out a payroll loan, carried out using biometric recognition;
  • In-person service at INSS agencies or via biometric recognition at partner entities or institutions;
  • Carrying out medical expertise, via telemedicine or in person;
  • Service in the public health system or in the partner network;
  • Vaccination;
  • Registration or re-registration with traffic or public security agencies;
  • Updates to CadÚnico – when carried out by the person responsible for the group;
  • Voting in elections;
  • Issuance/renewal of passport, driver’s license; work card; military identification and enlistment card;
  • Income Tax Declaration, as a holder or dependent.

If a person gets a flu vaccine at a public health center, for example, this action will constitute a “information package” that the institution gathers throughout the year.

Importance of INSS proof of life

The importance of proof of life is linked to the fact that, if the insured person does not carry out the procedure, he or she may have the benefit cancelled. This is because this was the system developed by INSSto ensure that salaries were paid appropriately and properly to incumbents.

Another objective is also to prevent fraud and improper payments, such as withdrawals by third parties. Therefore, every year the insured must carry out the proof of life so that the institution continue releasing salaries related to retirements, death pensions and other social security benefits.

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