Son planned “criminal society” with partner after murder of parents in Indaial


The 18-year-old young man arrested this Thursday (1st) in Indaial, identified as responsible for planning the murder and participating in the attack on his own parents, had plans for a partnership with his partner in the crime. Civil Police investigations indicate that after the deaths they wanted to enter the marijuana production and sale market and, as a consequence, become drug dealers.

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The son would have offered R$50,000 plus a car as payment for his friend to help him kill his parents. After that, as reported to the agents, the idea was to sell part of the family’s assets, which had a small metallurgical company, and buy a farm. The son wanted to take care of the cultivation of the drug while the partner would be responsible for selling it. Part of the profit would go to him.

According to the police, there is evidence that the friend “hired” to help with the crime was selling drugs. The attacked mother actually didn’t like her son hanging out with the boy, also 18 years old, because she suspected he was using drugs. Although he did not admit to being a drug dealer, the friend reportedly told investigators that he sold a “gourmetized” product.

You two are arrested preventively. They will answer for the murder of Márcio Elizeu Melo, 45 years old, and for the attempted murder of the 39-year-old woman. Although she was hit several times, she survived and is hospitalized. When defending the young man’s stay in jail, the police chief highlighted the risk of the son attacking his mother again during his hospitalization.

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According to Martins, even before being unmasked, he did not visit his mother in the hospital and expressed surprise when informed that the woman was alive.

The two were preventively arrested for the crime (Photo: PC, Disclosure)

The woman managed to get to the balcony and scream for help (Photo: Judson Lima, Vale do Itajaí Notícias)

Kitchen camera recorded son looking for knife (Photo: Reproduction)

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Video shows son picking up knife to commit murder

One of the internal cameras in the house where the family lived shows the son going to the kitchen to get a knife to commit the crimes (watch the video below). In the image he appears with his face covered and only the eye area is free. After arming himself, he walks slowly, apparently careful not to make noise, towards his parents’ room.

The action was necessary because he lost the knife he took with him to murder his father in the bush. According to the statement to the police, during planning, the young man would have made it clear that he would kill his father and the friend, the mother. However, Márcio woke up and ended up getting into a physical fight with his friend, who stabbed him around eight times and killed him.

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The mother woke up at that moment and attacked her son, without knowing it was him, and even kicked him in an attempt to defend herself, according to police reports. The son struck her approximately six times in the chest and then the friend struck her in the back and face. She fell unconscious and the criminals fled believing that the couple was dead.

However, after about 20 minutes, she regained consciousness and managed to ask for help. She was rescued and taken to the hospital, where she is recovering well.

Who are SC’s most wanted fugitive criminals?

Photographic record from 1994 by Dario de Souza (Photo: Disclosure, Civil Police)

Manoel Messias de Jesus Santos has two arrest warrants against him (Photo: Disclosure, Civil Police)

Yure de Oliveira Fernandes is convicted of crimes of robbery and qualified homicide (Photo: Disclosure, Civil Police)

Manoel Delfino da Silva is sentenced to more than 54 years in prison (Photo: Disclosure, Civil Police)

On October 19, 2019, Diego Almeida de Paula escaped from the Itajaí Penitentiary (Photo: Disclosure, Civil Police)

Antonio Francisco Conrado Neto was another who escaped from prison, but from the Agricultural Colony of Palhoça, in December 2019 (Photo: Disclosure, Civil Police)

Jean Santos de Oliveira has three arrest warrants against himO (Photo: Disclosure, Civil Police)

Eugênio Rodrigues do Prado committed murder and was associated with drug trafficking (Photo: Disclosure, Civil Police)

Daniel Mariano robbed, killed and joined a criminal faction in Joinville (Photo: Disclosure, Civil Police)

Geziel de Vargas broke electronic monitoring rules in 2018 (Photo: Disclosure, Civil Police)

John Emerson Lima Rosa is also known as Neguinho and Pará (Photo: Disclosure, Civil Police)

Gustavo Amarilla’s crimes were committed in the Lages region (Photo: Disclosure, Civil Police)

Silvana Seidler was convicted of qualified homicide and hiding her own daughter’s corpse (Photo: Disclosure, Civil Police)

Gabriel Maurilio Ilha is sentenced to almost 83 years in prison (Photo: Disclosure, Civil Police)

Marcos Alves da Veiga is also known as Kidon, Quinho, Marquinho, Kikito and Cadeirante (Photo: Disclosure, Civil Police)

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