Mario Vs. Donkey Kong brings back the most traditional gaming rivalry

Mario Vs. Donkey Kong brings back the most traditional gaming rivalry
Mario Vs. Donkey Kong brings back the most traditional gaming rivalry

Mario vs. Donkey Kong arrives on February 16th, exclusively on Nintendo Switch

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Enemies since 1981, when the classic Donkey Kong came out in arcades and catapulted Nintendo’s name into the world of video games, Mario and Donkey Kong remember their old rivalry now on the Nintendo Switch. Originally released in 2004 for Game Boy Advance, Mario vs. Donkey Kong is presented to the current generation of players 20 years later in a neat remake.

The pre-rendered graphics of the original version give way to entirely polygonal visuals, just as the new and humorous opening replaces the old sequence of static images present on the laptop. The themes, as well as the stage layouts, were maintained, and in general all the original content is present. However, Nintendo was concerned with expanding the game and modernizing it to current standards.

This is clear both with the addition of the “casual” mode, which makes life easier for players, as well as the new local cooperative mode, in which two players – the second player takes control of a Toad – face challenges and puzzles together. heads present in the more than 100 available stages.

Speaking of the game, today’s players have the opportunity to experience the classic structure of the first Mario games, with stages 1 or 2 screens in size, platforms, obstacles and enemies willing to make the player think about the ideal way to find the exit.

In this way, Mario Vs. Donkey Kong presents 6 worlds with the same structure: the first phase requires the player to find a key and then the path to reach the exit door; the second and third require a Mario toy figure to be collected. Once these challenges have been met, it is up to the player to take the little toy Marios to a chest in a new phase, and then face Donkey Kong in a battle in the style of classic games.

More than a hundred challenges of increasing difficulty and creativity await the player in stages that mix new, classic elements and traditional enemies and themes, both from the Mario and Donkey Kong universes – which may seem strange to those who are not used to it. to see Donkey Kong as a villain.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong is scheduled for release on February 16th, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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