Son handpicked which of his parents he would kill in Indaial and cruelty shocks even the police


The cruelty of the case of the son who planned the murder of his parents and participated in the attack in Indaial, in the Itajaí Valley, shocked even the Civil Police. Investigations showed that the 18-year-old even handpicked which of the two he would kill himself. The details of the crime were made public this Friday (2). Delegate Filipe Martins, responsible for the investigation, said that the episode is more barbaric than that of Suzane von Richthofen, which impacted Brazil in 2002.

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According to the investigator, the young man planned the crime for at least two months and offered R$50,000 and another car for a friend to help him with the murder. The attack occurred in the early hours of Monday (29), when the couple slept, but it didn’t go as planned. According to Martins, the son insisted on killing his father and the other would be responsible for murdering his mother. However, the man woke up and started fighting with his friend, who ended up killing him.

— The son then started stabbing his own mother. When the friend finished killing the father, he came and also hit the woman — reveals the police officer.

According to investigators, the pair fled believing the couple was dead. However, the mother was alive. After 20 minutes of passing out, she woke up and managed to call for help. The woman survived and remains hospitalized. Her husband, Márcio Elizeu Melo, 45 years old, was lifeless when help arrived. Each of them received approximately eight stab wounds.

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Mother was found alive on the porch of the house (Photo: Judson Lima, NSC Total Special)

The planning and execution of the crime

Investigations indicate that two months ago the son began planning the murder of his parents. He gave his friend details about the location of the security cameras inside the property, indicating where the blind spot was that would allow entry into the house without being recorded.

The police maintain that on Sunday (28) the couple went to sleep and their son left the property with a backpack on his back, at around 10:50 pm. He left a window and the back door open. The boy went to his friend’s house, changed clothes and went together to the couple’s residence. As it was an area with many cameras, the duo decided to go through the woods and the son ended up losing the knife he would use to kill his father.

Just before half past midnight, the two entered the house and the son went to the kitchen to get another knife, as he was unarmed. The father heard the noise and woke up, which was not in the plan, as the young man had said that the idea was to commit the crime while the two were asleep. After stabbing them, they returned to their friend’s house, where the son put on the clothes he appeared wearing when he left the house. Around 1 am, the police were called. An hour after that, the young man appeared.

A neighbor offered to tell the young man about the attack, to comfort him, without even suspecting his involvement. However, the behavior of the person responsible for the crime would have raised suspicion, as he had already arrived explaining his whereabouts that morning. What he didn’t expect was that the alibi would soon be unmasked and his friend would talk about having been “hired” to participate in the crime. A witness confirmed having witnessed the cruel proposal being made.

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This Thursday (1st), the two 18-year-olds, who until then had no history of violence according to the Civil Police, had the preventive detention ordered. During interrogation, the son confessed. The motivation would be “great parental hatred”, in the words of police chief Filipe Martins. He was an only child and worked in the couple’s small metallurgical company. The young man said that there were conflicts in the professional relationship that extended to the home and he did not like being “treated as a mere employee”.

— Suzane von Richthofen opened the door for her parents’ killers to enter. This young man was more cruel: he planned and participated in the crime — concludes Martins.

Arrests occurred four days after the crime (Photo: PC, Disclosure)

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