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1 of 2 Noronha is sought after by tourists during Carnival — Photo: Ana Clara Marinho/TV Globo
Noronha is sought after by tourists during Carnival — Photo: Ana Clara Marinho/TV Globo

Carnival is highly anticipated by businesspeople in the tourism sector of Fernando Noronha. The expectation of movement during the holiday divides opinions among businesspeople in the accommodation sector, car rental and the local Tourism Council (Contur).

The president of the Inn Owners Association, Ailton Flor, said he expects an occupancy rate higher than last year’s festivities.

“We expect a 20% increase compared to last year. Our expectation is to reach 80% bed occupancy in the island’s inns”, said Ailton Flor.

The president of Contur, Haryton Almeida, also expects good movement on the holiday. “The expectation is for good movement, which could be between 80% and 90% occupancy. I have spoken to agencies and airlines who have informed me that sales are good”, declared Almeida.

Haryton Almeida stated that demand at last year’s Carnival was affected due to the ban on the landing of large planes, determined in October 2022 by the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac). The ban was determined due to the holes and fissures identified on the airport runway.

“Last year we were still experiencing turbulence caused by flight cancellations, mainly from the company Gol, which paralyzed operations on the island. This affected the high season, which runs from October until Carnival. I believe this year will be better”, predicted the president of Contur.

The president of the Association of Car Rental Companies, Nino Alexandre Lehnemann, does not expect movement to improve during Carnival.

“Expectations at rental companies are low. We started February with the biggest drop in the last ten years, apart from the Covid-19 pandemic. We have never had such a huge drop in reserves. The average was to have between 60% and 70% of vehicles reserved and today we don’t even have 35% reservations”, said the president of the Rental Companies Association.

Nino Lehnemann doesn’t believe in heating on holidays. “Expectations for Carnival are very low, especially because the government did not publish the schedule for the festivities, there are no attractions that attract customers. This programming could attract movement”, analyzed Nino Alexandre Lehnemann.

2 of 2 Island is an option for visitors on holiday — Photo: Ana Clara Marinho/TV Globo
Island is an option for visitors on holiday — Photo: Ana Clara Marinho/TV Globo

After Carnival, the period considered low season begins, which continues until the end of June, and traditionally has less movement.

Entrepreneurs in the tourism sector are fighting for a plan to allow for flexibility. They want the low months to be compensated in the second half of the year, when demand is higher.

“Every tourist destination has a low and high season. We would like to dilute, in the second semester, the number of visitors that was not used in the first semester. We will reiterate this need with representatives of the government of Pernambuco and the federal government. The expectation is that PGSI will bring a new scenario to visitors to Fernando de Noronha”, stated Ailton Flor.

The Island Administration’s communications office informed that the Carnival schedule should be announced this Friday (2). The Mobility and Infrastructure Secretariat (Semobi) indicated that the work to reoccupy the airport runway is underway.

The state government hopes that the first stage of the service will be completed by the end of May and that Anac will allow large planes to land at the end of the first half of this year.

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