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Husband arrested for beating wife to death in Piraquara


Young Tais Santos, aged 25, was found dead inside her home, this Wednesday (1st), in Piraquara, in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba. According to the Civil Police, her husband Robson Ribeiro, aged 44, is identified as the author of the murder. He was arrested red-handed.

The couple had been together for three years (Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks)

According to investigations, the man allegedly used a broom to beat his wife. He himself would have called the Military Police when he realized that the victim was lifeless.

Deputy Juliana Cordeiro, from the Piraquara Police Station, said that Robson claimed that Tais had fallen from a window, which is why she was injured.

“Trying to justify the injuries to her body, he said she had fallen. However, these were not injuries coinciding with a fall. Soon after, he changed his version again and said that he had beaten her with a broomstick, however he claimed that it had been on previous days and not that day”, explained Juliana Cordeiro.

Furthermore, according to the delegate, Robson would only have called security agencies when the woman was already dead. She was badly injured and apparently had a broken arm and leg.

“We cannot say now because we are waiting for the report, but apparently it looked like she had a fracture in her leg and another in her arm, in addition to some injuries. […] He didn’t seek help. We even heard from her family who said that he didn’t get in touch, didn’t report in any way that she was bedridden, and didn’t go to SAMU or a municipal body to seek help for his partner. He only looked for her when she was already dead,” said the delegate.

According to Juliana Cordeiro, Robson’s testimony was quite contradictory.

“He was calm. He confessed to the assault, said he hit her ten days ago, but that her death was not related to the assault […] He says it was ten days ago, then seven days ago, he has conflicting versions. We will really have to wait for the report to find out when the attacks took place and the cause of death,” he said.

The couple had been together for three years and Tais’ family reported to the police that the fights were constant. Robson had already been arrested for attacking his wife. After being released, he promised he would change.

“Domestic violence has a cycle: it starts with swearing, then goes on to a threat and then physical aggression. Then the woman forgives and returns to the honeymoon, which is the period in which the man apologizes, says it won’t happen and goes back to first degree, swears again, threatens and hits again. From what we heard from the family, the fights between the two were quite constant, even the sister said that she appeared with visible injuries on her face”, informed the delegate.

Robson remains in prison and, if convicted, could face 12 to 30 years in prison.

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