Google celebrates writer James Baldwin this Thursday; know who he is

Google celebrates writer James Baldwin this Thursday; know who he is
Google celebrates writer James Baldwin this Thursday; know who he is

The Google doodle, that image that is above the search box by themes, pays homage this Thursday (01) to the North American writer James Baldwin. Born in New York in 1924, Baldwin is the owner of a vast fictional and non-fiction work, focusing mainly on social struggle and issues of sexuality and identity.

The search engine defined it as follows: “Today’s Doodle pays homage to James Baldwin, an American writer and civil rights activist, renowned for his numerous literary works, which generally addressed themes related to social justice.”


Grandson of slaves, James Baldwin was born on August 2 in the Harlem neighborhood. His mother, Emma Berdis Jones, had just arrived in New York, after leaving the writer’s father, a drug addict. The son only gained the surname Baldwin at the age of three, when Emma married evangelical pastor David Baldwin.

Encouraged and practically forced by his stepfather, James and his other eight brothers attended Pentecostal Church services. The young man would soon become a child pastor in Fireside. At school, he was encouraged by his teachers to create plays and poetry.

Career as a writer

James Baldwin discovered himself as a writer at 18 years old. He used words to show the world life outside the American dream, and shine a light on society’s injustices.

Writer is known in the fight for civil rights | Disclosure/Companhia das Letras

Among his main works, “Notes from a Native Son”, “If the street could speak”, “Strange Land” and “Giovanni’s Room” stand out.

In 2017, an unfinished manuscript by the writer gave rise to the documentary “I am not your Negro”, directed by Raoul Peck. The script narrates the life and murder of three personalities: Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, personalities recognized worldwide in the fight for Human Rights and the Black Movement.


James Baldwin died on December 1 in the city of Saint-Paul-Vence in France, a victim of stomach cancer.

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