Dentist from Rio Grande do Norte will act in a Netflix series

Dentist from Rio Grande do Norte will act in a Netflix series
Dentist from Rio Grande do Norte will act in a Netflix series

Journalist Simone Silva said in her column that a man from Rio Grande do Norte will play the role of a police chief in a Netflix series. Who is he? Read to find out!


It is necessary to highlight the respect of the Noilde Ramalho Teaching Complex for its entire school community, especially parents and students. The largest school in the East Zone of Natal decided to only promote its celebration with those approved in the Enem, this afternoon, in view of the inconsistencies in the publication of the final result by the MEC.

This is the practical notion of empathy, fraternity, acceptance and sense of community, concepts often promoted by educational institutions but which only work in propaganda. Many families experienced moments of anguish, anxiety and even sadness at not being able to celebrate their relatives’ approval. There was an understanding that the celebration should be offered to everyone, without distinction. Congratulations on your stance. Today, from 2pm onwards, there will be lots of parties at Noilde.


At just 19 years old, UFRN medical student Phillip Anderson Silva Avelino, an academic prodigy, has just passed the first phase of the medical certification exam in the USA. Born in Florida, his plan is to become a plastic surgeon in his home country, but without forgetting the land of Rio Grande do Norte.

Therefore, it will provide free guidance to anyone who wishes to follow its successful academic journey. According to him, information for the entire process is still very dispersed and restricted, thus limiting many people’s access only through paid consultancy services. The boy is a beast, check it out on @phillip_avelino.


Imagine a stroll through the city streets in a carnival atmosphere in a vehicle called “Ônibus do Frevo”. Now imagine a bunch of elderly people enjoying it! This is today and will provide a different afternoon for old men and women in an action designed and executed by the Neópolis Community Council and the Terça da Serra Senior Residence.

The idea, inspired by the famous forró buses, common in cities in the Northeast, aims to go beyond simple fun and should promote their mental health and well-being, as it enables social integration. It will certainly be a very cool experience that will take them out of their routine, whilst also enjoying the sound of maestro Almeida’s Banda de Frevo.

Find out everything: there are people from Rio Grande do Norte who will shine in a Netflix series

  • It’s today that the beloved Natárcia Varela Barca celebrates her birthday by bringing together beautiful and charming women on a stylish catamaran ride in the waters of Lagoa do Bonfim. Departing from Marina ProGuard, around 11am. We will bring you details.
  • Actress Quitéria Kelly flew to São Paulo exclusively to participate today in the global program Encontro, with Patrícia Poeta, joined by actress Belize Pombal, both are in the remake of the soap opera Renascer, with prominent roles.
  • Speaking of acting, there’s a potiguar in one of Netflix’s next productions. A film on the streaming platform will have scenes recorded in RN and will feature dentist Cloaldo Mendonça in its cast, playing the role of a police officer.
  • There will be a lot of joy, music and inclusion at the Shopping Cidade Verde Carnival, which takes place this Sunday, starting at 4:30 pm. The event is free and will feature attractions and a special program for the whole family.
  • Sesc RN, (Sistema Fecomércio), opens its carnival program today with a free show by singer Ricardo Chaves, on Avenida Rio Branco, starting at 5:30 pm. Still with the Drums of the Balanço do Morro Samba School, Orquestra do Papão and Baiacu na Vara.

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