At Brinco de Ouro, Bugre takes Mirassol’s turn

At Brinco de Ouro, Bugre takes Mirassol’s turn
At Brinco de Ouro, Bugre takes Mirassol’s turn

In a game of two turns, Guarani lost to Mirassol 3-2, Wednesday night, at Brinco de Ouro, in the fourth round of the Campeonato Paulista. Paulinho, with a great shot from outside the area, guaranteed the victory for the visitors in the 43rd minute of the second half.

“It was a cold shower. We came back offline for the second half. We have to work harder”, said striker Bruno Mendes, scorer of the goals for Guarani, who suffered their second defeat in the competition, after the game.

The team from Campinas came from behind on the scoreboard, managed to turn things around, but did not hold on to their advantage.

In their debut, the team lost to Corinthians, away from home, 1-0, then they were 0-0 against São Bernardo, at home, and last weekend they beat Ituano, in Itu, 3-0. .

With the result, Mirassol maintains the taboo of not losing to its opponent for 11 years in the State Championship.

The team achieves its first victory of the season after three 1-1 draws. Guarani leaves second place and the classification zone of Group B. With 4 points, they fall to third place. On Sunday, look for a reaction against Santos, at 6pm, in Vila Belmiro.

The match started with Mirassol getting scared with a shot from Negueba that went left in the first minute. At 4′, Guarani fumbled the ball due to pressure from the opponent and conceded the goal. Dellatorre received a pass from Diego Gonçalves and only had the job of pushing the ball into the net.

Efficient in aerial plays, Guarani equalized in the 9th minute, when Bruno Mendes headed a corner kick from the right at the first post. Alex Muralha touched the ball, but did not prevent the goal. A minute earlier, the goalkeeper had blocked Derek’s header after a corner kick from the left.

Guarani had less possession of the ball in attack and continued to struggle to free themselves from the opponent’s pressure when passing the ball.

However, he was much closer to the second goal. On another corner kick from the left, Derek headed the ball against the post. Then, in a speed play, the attacker received the ball on the left and crossed low to Bruno Mendes, who did not reach the ball. Mirassol started the second half pressing and missing chances. Cornered, Guarani only managed to “get back into the game” after Chay replaced Matheus Bueno. At 20′, Guarani turned the score around with another corner kick. Derek headed Reinaldo’s cross from the right into the middle of the area and Bruno Mendes deflected it into the net. It was also in an aerial play that Mirassol equalized, at 35′, with Dellatorre heading in. At 43′, Paulinho guaranteed the visitors’ victory with a great goal. He finished from the edge of the area in the left corner. The ball hit the post and went in.

GUARANI – Douglas Borges; Heitor (Iago Teles), Léo Santos, Rayan and Mayk; Anderson Leite (Wenderson), Camacho (Lucas Araújo) and Matheus Bueno (Chay); Reinaldo (João Victor), Bruno Mendes and Derek. Coach: Umberto Louzer.

MIRASSOL – Alex Muralha; Rodrigo Ferreira, Lucas Gazal, Luiz Otávio and Warley; Gabriel (Paulinho), Danielzinho and Chico Kim (Ronald); Negueba (Mário Sérgio), Diego Conçalves (Fernandinho) and Dellatorre. Coach: Mozart Santos.

Goals: Dellatorre at 4 and Bruno Mendes at 9 in the first half. Bruno Mendes at 20, Dellatorre at 35 and Paulinho at 43 in the second half.

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