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Dvine Muniz Cordeiro was 34 years old (Photo: Archive)

“We received the news of her death with great sadness. It’s a big blow. But a relief, because she rested.”

The statement was made by Ricardo Lima, cousin of professor Dávine Muniz Cordeiro, aged 34, who died this Thursday (1st), at Hospital da Hapvida, on Ilha do Leite, in the central area of ​​Recife.

In September last year, Dávine was thrown from a toy in Mirabilandia park, in Olinda, in the Metropolitan Region.

Since then, he has been to three different hospitals and ten surgeries. She suffered serious head injuries.

During this period, the family fought a legal battle with the park and raised a virtual crowdfunding to ask for money to carry out her treatment at home.

Ricardo Lima is in charge of the entire process to release the body so it can be sent to the Parque das Flores cemetery, West Zone of Recife.

The expectation is that the burial will take place this Thursday, if the body is released by the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML), in Santo Amaro, in the central area of ​​the capital.

Last moments

Ricardo Lima told how he received the note
Ricardo Lima told how he received the news of Dvine’s death (Photo: Marcelle Reis/DP)

Davine Muniz’s death occurred around 6:40 am.

Davine’s cousin said he found out about her death after receiving a call from doctors at the hospital.

“The doctors called me asking me to come to release the body and arrange the burial. However, as she was a victim of an accident, the death certificate has to come from the IML.”

He added that the IML vehicle has already been requested by the hospital to be able to collect the body, after the necropsy, the report will be issued, then they will issue the report and the family will be able to arrange the burial.

Depending on the time of release, Davine’s funeral could be held this Thursday (1st), if it is not possible in time, the burial will take place this Friday morning (2nd).

Ricardo spoke with regret about the reaction to his family member’s death, but emphasizes that now Davine is resting.

“It’s a mixture of feelings, because on the one hand you have sadness, on the other hand relief, especially from the parents who had been experiencing this grief for a long time, because they knew that her condition was irreversible.”

He pointed out that there was no possibility of doing anything to reverse the situation.

“So, the penny hasn’t sunk in yet, they just found out, they’re really lost, but we’ll only feel it as the day goes on, but they’re really upset.”

According to him, regarding her health, Ricardo stressed that it had been about a week and a half since her body was no longer accepting food.

The food that entered her body was not absorbed and this generally causes two things: vomiting or diarrhea in her case it was causing diarrhea and then the loss of liquid was much greater.

“There came a time when this food had to be suspended because the body really wasn’t reacting and then it went downhill and reached the outcome we were already in,” said Lima

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