Gasoline and diesel prices rise this Thursday with an increase in ICMS

Gasoline and diesel prices rise this Thursday with an increase in ICMS
Gasoline and diesel prices rise this Thursday with an increase in ICMS



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  • ICMS increase leaves more expensive gasoline, diesel and LPG

  • Natural gas he is cheaper after adjustments by Petrobras

  • Carmo Energy wants quintuple production in Carmópolis

  • Petrobras intend to have 10% of the market solar and wind

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You prices of gasoline, diesel and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) risethis Thursday (1st/2), with the increase in ICMS rates which comes into effect this February.

  • The tax on Gasoline will increase 15 centsfrom R$1.22 to R$1.37 per liter sold;
  • The of diesel go up 12 centsfrom R$0.94 to R$1.06 per liter;
  • In case of cooking gasthe adjustment will be 16 centsfrom R$1.25 to R$1.41 per kg.

– According to the ANP’s latest fuel price survey, the increase in tax will have the following impact on average price resale:

  • Regular gasoline: of R$ 5.56 per liter for R$ 5.71/l
  • Diesel: of R$ 5.83/l for R$ 5.95/l
  • Diesel S10: of R$ 5.91/l for R$ 6.03/l
  • LPG: from R$ 100.98/cylinder to R$ 103.10/cylinder

Compensation to states. The decision to raise the ICMS was taken by Confaz (National Council for Financial Policy) in October.

– The measure aims to compensate states with R$27 billion due to the loss of revenue from ICMS changes made during the government of former president Jair Bolsonaro. Compensation was determined by Complementary Law 201/2023.

Natural gas is cheaper. The price of natural gas sold by Petrobras to state distributors is expected to fall from this Thursday (1/2) in the first quarterly adjustment that incorporates the new commercial conditions established by the state-owned company.

– The reduction in prices at the beginning of the year is a reflectionin general, from oil price devaluation at the end of 2023.

  • Gas Energy estimates that the drop will be 2.3%, on average, in reais per m³ (R$/m³) or -2.8% in dollars per million BTU.
  • Abrace, which represents large energy consumers, in turn, estimates a reduction of around 1% in Petrobras prices from February onwards, in R$/m³.

– In Rio de Janeiro, the distributor Naturgy announced the reduction of all natural gas tariffs. The biggest drop was 4.86% in the price of natural gas for vehicles (CNG). Check the adjustments in other segments.

Falling oil. Oil prices fell this Wednesday (31), with no major news on the supply and demand side.

– The barrel of oil Brent gave up 1.39%, to US$81.71. Already the WTI fell 2.53%, to US$75.85 the barrel.

Brazil expands supply. The executive director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), Fatih Birol, said that Brazil, the United States, Canada and Guyana will be able to supply the global oil market, after Saudi Arabia announced that it had given up on expanding by 1 million barrels production per day.

– The executive informed that the IEA predicts that the Brazil increase its share of global oil supply from 3% to 4% by 2030achieving a production of 4.5 million bpd.

The plan for Carmópolis. Carmo Energy wants to produce 20,000 barrels/day of oil by 2032 in the Carmópolis Complex fields, almost five times the extraction volume recorded when it took over operations in the Sergipe Basin, in December 2022.

– Studies for monetize natural gas production concessions, Carmo’s regulatory manager, Philipe Passos, said in an interview with epbr agency.

Substitutes at ANP. President Lula made official the triple list of substitute directors of the National Oil, Gas and Biofuels Agency.

– Decree published this Wednesday (31/1) respected the choices made internally at the agency and, as a result, Patricia Baran (YES), Bruno Caselli (SPG) and Mariana Cavadinha (SDP).

  • As expected, Luiz Henrique Bispowho took over with the departure of Cláudio Jorge, in December, would leave the board in any case due to the term of his mandate as substitute.
  • You servers that make up the triple list will be able to act as substitutes for up to 180 days or until the inauguration of the director who will exercise a fixed term of office, upon nomination and appointment by the President of the Republic, after approval by the Federal Senate.

Energy SumMIT 2024. A epbr agency will provide special coverage of the Energy SumMIT 2024the largest event on energy innovation and entrepreneurship in the world, which will take place between June 17th and 19th, in Rio de Janeiro.

– Coverage is the result of a partnership, for content production, between epbr agency and the MIT Technology Review BrazilMIT’s North American content arm in our country.

  • A epbr will have a studio within the event and will broadcast live on the agency’s YouTube channel interviews with the main executives and authorities in the sector with discussions on the most important topics for the market.

Transition Dialogues. During his visit to Brazil, Fatih Birol, from the IEA, suggested that the country place biofuels as a “key piece” of the global energy transition in the G20 energy discussions throughout his presidency.

– “Of the total consumption of renewable energy, 52% is bioenergy, but it does not receive the recognition it deserves. My suggestion for Brazil is: make bioenergy a key component. The G20 should identify and create new markets for biofuels”, he argued.

  • The IEA estimates that the demand for biofuels he must grow by around 30% between 2023 and 2028, driven by green diesel and ethanol. Biodiesel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) will have a smaller share.

Petrobras wants 5 GW renewable. The state-owned company plans to conquer 10% of the centralized wind and solar generation market in Brazil by 2028, according to a presentation made to investors in New York, this Tuesday (31/1).

– O strategic planning 2024-2028 of the company expects to have around 5 GW of capacity solar It is wind in operation or construction.

  • To this end, the state-owned company plans to invest US$5.2 billion in renewable energy over the period.

Brazil finances energy from Paraguay. The state-owned ENBPar, controller of the Itaipu hydroelectric plant, suffered a loss of almost R$10 billion with the plant because it paid for the energy used by Paraguayans, show official documents obtained by the Value.

– According to the newspaper, the Paraguayans took advantage of a loophole in the contract and buy less electricity of what they are consuming. The difference is made up by Brazilian consumers.

Money for hydrogen in Italy. The European Commission approved 550 million euros for Italy to support investments in the use of renewable hydrogen in industrial processes, replacing fossil fuels.

– The Italian foreign trade promotion agency considers supporting the purchasing critical minerals and hydrogen from Brazilsaid the director of the organization, Michal Ron, in an interview with epbr agency.

Money for innovation in Brazil. The Financier of Studies and Research (Finep) launched, together with the Ministry of Mines and Energy, calls for financing innovation projects for renewable energy and bioeconomy (sustainable fuels).

– Will be offered R$500 million in non-refundable resources for companies of all sizes.

Rationing in Colombia. The climate phenomenon El Niño threatens to cause electricity rationing in Colombia by causing drought in rivers and reducing the generation of the country’s hydroelectric plants.

Strike at Ibama. The shutdown of servers at Ibama’s environmental licensing center could delay ongoing oil and gas projects, said the Brazilian Petroleum Institute.

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