He started as a salesman and now runs a language network

He started as a salesman and now runs a language network
He started as a salesman and now runs a language network

Clodoaldo Nascimento made YES! Languages ​​jump from 17 to 200 schools spread across Brazil, he founded the BDC Group and is the current President of ABF RJ

Clodoaldo Nascimento is one of the most respected names in franchising today.

Who sees the success of their business and the prestigious position of President of the Brazilian Association of Franchising Seccional Rio de Janeiro (ABF Rio), you can’t imagine the path he took.

Born in Santa Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, the CEO of the education network YES! Languages He started in the sector as a course salesman and is now heading the company which, under his management, grew from 17 to more than 200 franchises and earns more than R$97 million a year.

“I stood out in selling courses and was invited to join the new management team at YES! Languages.

I started managing two units and, little by little, I grew until in 1991 I decided to open my first franchise, together with my partner.

Since then, I have gone through all the stages of franchising and I consider myself a salesperson to this day, because I sell dreams and transform people’s lives.

I believe that only studies give the possibility of achieving them, after all, that’s what happened to me”, says Nascimento, who came from humble origins and began his professional life at the age of 12.

In four years, the businessman went from one to seven franchises in the chain until, in 2004, he received another proposal, this time from the then owner of YES!, to take over management of the brand.

“I had a lot of ideas, I already believed in franchising, and I asked the franchisor a lot with suggestions.

They couldn’t keep up with my pace and invited me to take over the business once and for all”, he comments.

It was at the first meeting with franchisees – at the time, there were 27 in total – that Nascimento faced the first challenge: when presenting the brand’s new proposal, 10 investors withdrew from the business.

Nascimento continued to invest in franchising and leveraged the brand.

With numbers constantly growing, the time has come to expand your business.

In 2022, the current president of ABF Rio invested R$1.5 million and founded the BDC Group, a franchise accelerator holding that owns the YES! Languages, FOLLOW ME Languages, Garden Island and Color & Nail.

The latter was acquired a few months after the creation of the conglomerate.

The arrival of Cor & Unha, BDC’s first beauty chain, expanded the group’s multisectoral operations and, in the 1st quarter of 2023 alone, represented a total of more than 40 units negotiated.

“The secret to success is doing what you love.

I enjoy going to the office, visiting franchised units and having a close relationship with them.

Furthermore, I always say that entrepreneurship is innovation, if you are not innovating you are not entrepreneurship”, reveals the businessman.

At YES! Languages, the businessman invested in a teaching methodology that deviates from the conventional – students learn in a more attractive and uncomplicated way while preparing for the job market.

In the first class, they can fill out a CV in English.

For franchisees, knowing how to listen is what makes the difference.

“I’ve been to this place, I understand the pain of a franchisee.

Often, that investment represents a lifetime’s savings.

It’s a bet that can’t go wrong.

So, I am concerned about doing everything possible so that each school opens at a break-even point, when revenue and expenses are equal”, reveals the President of ABF Rio.

In 2023, the network earned around R$120 million.

For the year 2024, Clodoaldo Nascimento, who makes a point of being present at the openings of the network’s schools, expects the opening of another 50 YES! Languages, totaling more than 250 spread across Brazil.

In the BDC Group, the expectation is for 20% growth compared to 2023.


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