Rape was Suzane Von Richthofen’s card in murder

Rape was Suzane Von Richthofen’s card in murder
Rape was Suzane Von Richthofen’s card in murder

Famous for planning one of the most talked about crimes in Brazil, Suzane Von Richthofen allegedly manipulated her ex-boyfriend Daniel Cravinhos into murdering Marísia and Manfred Richthofen with an alleged accusation of rape. This is what Ulisses Campbell, author of the book Suzane: murderer and manipulator, guarantees, based on investigations into the tragedy that happened in 2002. “A game of manipulation”, he said during a chat on Na Real, by Bruno Di Simone, to which the column Fábia Oliveira had first-hand access.

“That’s why he [Daniel] He is the one who kills Manfred, jealous of him for abusing his girlfriend. It was a game of manipulation in which she [Suzane] He won”, highlighted the journalist when referring to the false complaint of harassment that the girl made to one of the Cravinhos brothers, with the intention of causing revolt in the boy, making him strictly carry out the plan to kill her parents.

According to Ulisses, Richthofen’s desperate attitude happened after Daniel refused to commit the crime. He had given up on the action after calling his brother, Cristian Cravinhos, to help him. The boy said that he would not participate and that he would still denounce him. However, after the episode, Suzane managed to convince them that she needed to put an end to her parents, so that she could be happy with Daniel, since Manfred was against their relationship.

At the time of the murder, Daniel spoke in his statement that Suzane started using drugs and began to transform, creating an obsession to take the lives of her parents, who were extremely controlling, and also confirmed that she had said that she was beaten and suffered sexual abuse. of Manfred and that he would not be a happy person until he buried his parents. However, Suzane denied that it was true.

“She used that card, but I think they were two sick souls who found each other. As much as the person is the greatest manipulator in the world, I think that, if you have a ruler to measure this manipulation, it reaches a very high degree, but not to the point where a person commits a crime, a murder. She manipulated, but Daniel [Cravinhos] he was already a murderous mind”, stressed the writer.


Recently, sentenced to 39 years and living under an open regime, Suzane Von Ritchthofen gave birth to Felipe, the result of her relationship with doctor Felipe Zecchini Muniz, and a coincidence involving the past came to light: the child was born on her birthday. Daniel Cravinhos.


Suzane Von Richthofen, sentenced to 39 years for the death of her parents
The criminal’s last relationship was with Rogério Olberg. Part of the relationship happened through letters


At 42 years old, Daniel is also serving his sentence in an open regime. His brother, Cristian, has remained in semi-open prison since March 2022. In 2017, Suzane’s ex-brother-in-law had his sentence progressed to open prison, but returned to Tremembé prison the following year, after trying to bribe military police officers.

The episode with the full interview will air on Thursday (1/2), at 11am, on the YouTube channel Na Real, presented by Bruno Di Simone.

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