NOW: Abin employees publish an open letter addressed to Lula

NOW: Abin employees publish an open letter addressed to Lula
NOW: Abin employees publish an open letter addressed to Lula

The exchanges promoted by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) at the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin) led the institution’s employees to publish an open letter this Wednesday (31), criticizing the appointments of people “without experience” in the area to the agency’s top brass.

– The activity must be conducted by someone who knows its ins and outs. The repeated appointments of people who have no experience in the practice of National Intelligence to management positions weaken the activity – says the letter addressed to the president.

And keeps going.

– We joined Abin through a public competition and we have women and men prepared to run the agency to which we have dedicated our entire lives – they say.

Lula yesterday dismissed Abin’s number two, Alessandro Moretti, amid Federal Police investigations into the agency’s rigging under the government of former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL). Six other directors were also replaced

The president kept delegate Luiz Fernando Corrêa, a name he trusts, in charge of the body. The two have a long relationship – Corrêa was director general of the Federal Police in Lula’s second term. The delegate has been suffering from wear and tear since the PF raised suspicions of “collusion” between the current Abin management and the previous management to prevent illegal monitoring from becoming public.

Abin employees also defend, in the letter, the creation of a special judicial court to authorize intelligence actions. “Our civil servants need to work with appropriate legal security.”

The text states that the measures are necessary to protect the activity of party political interests. “The current moment seems to have convinced everyone of what we have been defending for years: intelligence needs to be reformed. We need to define, in law, our responsibilities and work tools.”

Abin is the main body of the federal intelligence system and is responsible for producing strategic information on sensitive topics, such as threats to democracy and borders, security of government communications, foreign policy and terrorism.

For the PF, the agency was instrumentalized in the Bolsonaro government and used to serve the private interests of the former president’s political group.


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