where to watch the NBA classic live today

where to watch the NBA classic live today
where to watch the NBA classic live today


The Lakers will continue their Grammy tour trip in Boston this Thursday, where they face their arch-rivals, the Celtics. This will be the third stop of their six-game road trip and the fourth game in the last six nights.

Celtics x Lakers: where to watch the NBA game live

When: February 1st, 9:30 pm

Where: TD Garden

Streaming: Amazon Prime Video


Lakers: Davis, James, Prince, Reaves and Russell

Celtics: Porzings, Brown, Tatum, White and Holiday

What to expect from the Lakers today?

Before the start of the season, there was an interesting debate about who would take banner number 18 first between these two rivals. It was fair to expect a Finals between the Lakers and Celtics at that time, because not only were both teams considered title contenders, but they were also two of the teams with the most roster depth in the league.

One of them is living up to expectations while the other has failed miserably so far. After winning the NBA Cup, the Lakers’ season turned into a nightmare. What’s worse is that the Celtics have consistently been the best team in the league throughout the season.

The one consistent point for the Lakers this season has been their inconsistency. The team has played 49 games so far, with performances like the last two games, where they play like a team looking for a good draft pick. And also with moments in which he plays to his maximum potential, like last Saturday’s victory against the Warriors.

What to do to beat the Celtics today

If the Lakers want to have a chance of beating the Celtics this Thursday, the team will need to play a near-perfect game. That means converting his three-point shots, getting above-average performances from LeBron and Davis, and most importantly, playing solid defense.

It will be a difficult challenge to beat a team that has only lost twice at home this season, but you’ll have to agree that the Lakers have also surprised us a lot this season – whether for better or for worse. It would be very typical of the Lakers, with a 23-24 record today, to win in Boston after losing to two teams with campaigns below 50% success.

Injury Report

After missing the last game due to hip spasms, Anthony Davis (bilateral Achilles tendinopathy and hip spasms) is now listed as doubtful, along with LeBron James (left ankle peroneal tendinopathy). Cam Reddish (sprained right ankle) and Gabe Vincent are out.

As for the Celtics, Luke Kornet (injured left hamstring) is the only one listed as doubtful.

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