Man dismembered by drug traffickers, by mistake, was killed the day before getting married

David Martins do Carmo was murdered in Gardênia Azul — Photo: Reproduction

Bricklayer David Martins do Carmo, 35 years old, had an appointment this Wednesday: according to relatives, he would officiate his 10-year marriage, which gave him two children. On Tuesday night, David had gone to the evangelical church where he did volunteer work — he was so happy that, that day, he didn’t worry about the war between drug dealers and militiamen in the neighborhood where he lives, Gardênia Azul, in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. Rio. And, when he was returning home, around 9 pm, he ended up being killed by bandits who approached him.

David’s body was found dismembered, in the early hours of Wednesday, on Avenida Canal do Anil. The case is investigated by the Capital Homicide Police Station and, according to preliminary information, drug dealers who invaded Marcão’s location searched him and ordered him to open the files on his cell phone. They would have suspected that the evangelical, without any criminal record, was a member of the paramilitary group that operates in the region.

— David went to church with his son. We live at the same address; me, in the house above and him, below. When my grandson arrived, I asked for David, and he said that criminals had taken my son. My daughter-in-law and I ran after him. It seems like they asked for his phone number and he didn’t want to give it or didn’t know how to unlock his cell phone. As David is from the church, pastors also joined us to look for him — Ana do Carmo told Rede Globo’s “RJ TV”.

Yesterday, while taking care of the release of the bricklayer’s body at the Medical-Legal Institute (IML), the mother demanded justice and security:

— It was barbaric with him. They chopped my son up, he was never a criminal. We are suffering in Gardênia Azul. Mayor, governor and president, look at us!

David had lived in the region with his family for 35 years. He attended the Renovo de Deus International Church, where he was a worker. Pastor Ruan Dias was one of those who helped with the search. He said that the young man, father of an 8-year-old girl, did not miss any services. He also reported that the young man was very shy and had difficulty speaking.

— David worked as a bricklayer, leaving in the morning and returning in the afternoon. There was never a lack of worship. Even though he was quiet, he had the humility and pure heart of a child, he went through many struggles, but he never gave up on his principles of honoring his family and children. Talking about him is very heavy, because we had him as a family member — said the pastor.

The victim’s sister, Daniele Martins, said that he was returning from church accompanied by his 19-year-old stepson when he was approached by the criminals.

— They asked for his cell phone. David must have been scared. His stepson continued on the way home and alerted my mother and sister-in-law about what had happened – Daniele reported.

It was David’s mother and wife who found the dismembered body inside a bag.

— They caught my brother by mistake. They took a piece of our family away. We are devastated. He was a good man, a family man and God-fearing. What they did to him was cowardice. I still don’t know what I’m feeling,” said the sister.

David’s body will be buried this Thursday, at 3pm in the Pechincha cemetery, in Jacarepaguá, in the West Zone.

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