Painter arrested for rape and brutal murder of physiotherapist in Rio Verde

Painter arrested for rape and brutal murder of physiotherapist in Rio Verde
Painter arrested for rape and brutal murder of physiotherapist in Rio Verde

Rio Verde (GO) – Painter Jerfeson Erivaldo da Silva Nascimento, accused of the rape and murder of physiotherapist Larissa Araújo, had his preventive detention maintained by judge Grymã Guerreiro Caetano Bento. Jerfeson was arrested red-handed on the same day the crime was committed.

Understand the case

According to the accusation, Jerfeson jumped over the wall of Larissa’s house, went to the room where she was sleeping, tied her hands and feet, raped her and then killed her by strangulation. The crime occurred in the early hours of October 2, 2023.

The police believe that Jefferson entered the physiotherapist’s house at around 4 am and left the place at 6 am. What did not go unnoticed, and what caught the authorities’ attention, was that the painter fled driving the victim’s car, where Larissa’s body was inside the trunk.

After murdering and raping the young physiotherapy professional, the painter not only stole Larissa’s car but also took items from her house, including a gas cylinder and a television.

Accident on the run

In an attempt to escape to dump the body, Jefferson overturned the car on BR-060. Security cameras in the region recorded the moment of the accident. The shocking video shows Larissa’s body being thrown from the car, tied up and wrapped in a sheet. The driver runs away from the scene along the highway and enters a forested area.

It was at this moment that the ex-boyfriend of the young physiotherapist, who was interviewed, was disregarded as a suspect in the crime. According to police chief Caio Martines, responsible for the case, Jefferson acted alone and created false alibis during the investigation to try to get rid of the crime.

The accused and the victim

Jefferson is from Rio Grande do Norte and served time for the crimes of theft and robbery between 2017 and 2023 in the state. He was released from his last prison in June 2023. Although he had already been sentenced on other occasions, the suspect had received several warnings for bad behavior during the time he was in prison.

Larissa Araújo, born in August 1998, was a physiotherapist and worked in the Pediatric Emergency Department of the Rio Verde Health Department. She loved her profession and was known for her simplicity and love of life. Her body was found and identified by fingerprints.

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