Check the price of exams and dengue vaccine in BH

Check the price of exams and dengue vaccine in BH
Check the price of exams and dengue vaccine in BH

New dengue vaccine can be applied to people who have not had the disease | Photo: Pixabay / publicity

Minas Gerais is in a state of emergency against dengue, with a forecast of health centers full until March it is a peak of the disease still to come after Carnival. In the public network, the vaccine should only arrive in March, after being postponed, but in the private network the vaccine is available — for up to R$500 per dose.

The research website Mercado Mineiro collected test and vaccine values ​​against dengue in pharmacies and laboratories, between January 22nd and 23rd. Check out:

Price of dengue tests

  • Hermes Pardini: R$ 155
  • Geraldo Lustosa Laboratory: R$ 89.25
  • Mansoni Clinical Analysis Laboratory: R$ 104
  • Oswaldo Cruz Laboratory: R$ 105
  • São Marcos Laboratory: R$ 89
  • São Paulo Laboratory: R$ 92
  • Araújo Drugstore: R$55
  • Pacheco Drugstore: R$ 59.99
  • DrogaRaia: R$ 39.90
  • Pharmacies Pay Less: R$ 34.90

Price of dengue vaccine (one dose)

  • Climep: R$450
  • Raquel Pitchon Clinic: R$ 420
  • Itabayana Clinic R$ 480
  • Araújo Drugstore R$ 364
  • Hermes Pardini R$ 414.20
  • Immunize Vaccines R$500
  • Sesc: R$385
  • Target Precision Medicine R$ 422
  • Vaccine Vaccines R$ 410

The dengue vaccine, Qdenga, immunizes against serotypes 1,2, 3 and 4 of the disease and is administered in two doses, with an interval of three months between them. Even those who have never been infected can take it. It is important to consult each location to check prices, as there may be adjustments or promotions since the Mercado Mineiro survey was carried out.

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