She started working at her mother’s house and now runs a beauty clinic that earns R$5 million.


Tabata Maffini, businesswoman and dermopigmentation artist, has ten years of experience in the field of aestheticsPhoto: Reproduction/Social media

The dermopigmentator Tabata Maffini36 years old, shows that You don’t need a lot of money to start a business. The woman from Paraná was in the men’s fashion business for five years, but saw her store on Rua Frei Caneca, in São Paulo, go bankrupt and, as a result, decided to invest in the beauty sector, with beauty services. eyebrow micropigmentation.

Talented and fearless, however, financially broke and without a space to serve clients, Maffini started with home service and forming partnerships with clinics and salons in the capital of São Paulo. With increasing demand for its services, the entrepreneur decided to start providing services at the back of her mother’s house in the neighborhood of Vila Formosain the East Zone.

“I started working at home, providing services in people’s homes and establishing partnerships in clinics and salons. Then I decided to settle at the back of my mother’s house, where I stayed for two years. The business was so successful that, at that time, It already earned around R$40,000 at home and served, on average, 130 people per month”, Maffini tells Earth.

Although she has several certifications in the area of ​​micropigmentation, dermopigmentation and nanopigmentation, Tabata Maffini has a degree in fashion. She went to physical therapy, but didn’t complete it. Having been in the beauty industry for ten years, Maffini no longer works in the back of her mother’s house. Now, she has a clinic in the neighborhood of Higienópolisa prime area in the central region of São Paulo.

Last year, the clinic, which bears his name and surname, had a turnover of R$5 million. In 2024, the entrepreneur projects revenue of R$8 million. “It was only in 2017 that I managed to open my own space and move out of my mother’s house. We opened in this same building in a much smaller room. Today we have half a floor”, she details.

Method for treating stretch marks

With almost 200 thousand followers on Instagram and more than 30 thousand customers, Tabata Maffini has greatly expanded its services in recent years. In 2022, with the pandemic, the dermopigmentation artist needed to reinvent herself. She, who suffered from stretch marks throughout her life and saw the scars interfere with her modeling career as a teenager, developed her own method for treating stretch marks.

The method created by the dermopigmentation artist is the Nanostria – long-awaited and scientifically proven treatment for stretch marks that combines dermograph technology (an electric device similar to a pen and with a microneedle tip) with an exclusive formula that combines 15 nanoactives in a single serum. With this method, she claims that it is possible to improve the appearance of the skin by up to 95%.

“It’s different from all the treatments available on the market. Camouflage, for example, covers up the scar, simulating the natural color of the skin, while Nanostria treats and improves the appearance of the region”, guarantees Mafini, who says she tested the product on herself before starting to apply it to clients.

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