The murder of a beloved actress and the story of Renata Ceribelli


Journalist spoke out about the death of an actress, found dead after a trip to Amazonas

Strong news gained repercussion in the media this month. For those who didn’t follow, a young actress was brutally murdered and found dead in the North of the country.

Foreigner Julieta Martinez, 38, had been missing since December 23, when she returned to Venezuela by bicycle. After the turn to January came the sad confirmation that she was dead.

According to Globo, the artist was robbed, abused and assaulted, before being murdered. The Civil Police arrested suspects after finding some of the belongings of the woman who was traveling performing dressed as a clown.

Actress Julieta Martinez
Actress Julieta Martinez was Venezuelan, 38 years old and was cruelly murdered in Amazonas (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

The case sparked outrage. “The culture of femicide is that, our culture. I see in her my friends, people I love and admire, I cross around the world. But I don’t know how to protect women in this hostile world. See you forever, Julieta”, said Renata Ceribelli.

“She was murdered, raped and had her body cruelly set on fire while she was still alive. Venezuelan woman, clown, artist. A free person traveling around Latin America on his bicycle, trusting in common sense and the kindness of human beings”, lamented singer Chico César.

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The Civil Police continue to investigate the crime. Several people from the artistic world have spoken out about the loss of the actress.

Actress Julieta Martinez
Renata Ceribelli, Globo journalist, along with other celebrities, spoke out for the death of Julieta Martinez (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Where to follow Globo news?

In addition to open TV programming, the channel also maintains G1, which is the internet information portal. The journalistic content can also be viewed free of charge on the group’s digital platform, Globoplay.



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