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art dg/rbs
art dg/rbs

Adversaries and supporters mix in this part of the path, and you will need all the discernment you are capable of developing to know how to correctly distinguish who one person is from another. Essential process.

The potentialities involved at this moment in your life are multiple and varied, producing distraction. Try to rest, because not every day you can solve the enigma of life, there is a time to be carefree too.

Do your will, but it would be better if the execution of your will did not benefit exclusively you, but that the benefits could be shared with as many people as possible. Then there would be change.

There are things that could cease to exist, but that persist, repeating themselves through what people talk about, what they do, their everyday behavior. There comes a time when this gets tiring, and it can be finished.

Analyzing events is necessary, however, even more important is that you don’t lose track of the thread, because when you start analyzing, so many things will emerge that the bigger picture will be lost sight of.

Try to focus on one of your multiple talents and dedicate yourself to a discipline that trains them daily, until you have absolute dexterity in whatever you want to do. Discipline must be joyful and toast with joy.

Sometimes it is necessary to appear crazy, doing strange things, precisely to prevent bigger and more dangerous crazy things from happening. Now it’s not about appearance, but about the real intentions that motivate actions.

The world seems small from time to time, but it is not, what happens is that at that moment your soul reduces its vision to certain events in particular, forgetting the bigger picture in which everything happens.

It’s worth letting people behave as they please, even if you criticize them internally, to observe them and check how life works, always beyond the logical reasoning of our humanity.

To go unnoticed, the best option for your soul is to expose yourself as much as possible, because in exposure people see exclusively the character you are representing at that moment.

Your dreams may never come to pass, however, continuing to dream is a way of keeping them alive, as well as keeping your soul alert to take the leap when the opportunity presents itself.

Faced with fear, we are alone with our souls, having to decide what to do in this moment that we would all prefer to see the back of. It is at this time that the true fiber with which our character is made is tested. And so.

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