BR-435: hole in the runway causes serious accident near Cerejeiras


Victim is in serious condition and screams in severe pain/Photo: Extra de Rondônia

A serious accident occurred on the morning of Wednesday, 31st, on BR-435, near the city of Cerejeiras. Witnesses reported that holes in the road caused the incident.

According to information gathered by the report from the Extra from Rondôniawitnesses reported that the incident was caused by holes in the road, becoming yet another warning about the precarious condition of the roads in the Southern Cone region.

Clara, looked for the report from the Extra from Rondônia, and reported that her sister Marina Ferreira Bastos, 48 ​​years old, resident of line 4 mini axis, was traveling to Cerejeiras, riding a Biz scooter, where she would look for a job. However, approximately 5 km before arriving in the city, the BR-435, which according to Clara is looking like “Swiss cheese”, that is, full of holes, her sister was unable to avoid it and fell into one of them. body, among other injuries.

The victim was rescued by the Fire Department at Hospital São Lucas, in Cerejeiras, and after receiving care, due to the severity of the injuries, she was transferred to Colorado, but in Colorado it was decided that she would have to be sent to Vilhena, however, at the moment there was no there is no ambulance available in Colorado or in Cerejeiras to transport the victim to Vilhena.

The family asks the responsible authorities to take action, as the victim is in a serious condition and is screaming in severe pain and urgently needs to be transferred to the Vilhena Regional Hospital.

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