How many and which athletes won medals on the 3rd day of Parapan, November 20th; see the list

How many and which athletes won medals on the 3rd day of Parapan, November 20th; see the list
How many and which athletes won medals on the 3rd day of Parapan, November 20th; see the list

Brazil reached its 100th medal in just three days Santiago Parapan American Games. The impressive milestone was achieved this Monday, 20th, by judoka Rebeca Silva, who took bronze in the over 70kg category, after defeating Venezuelan Danitza Sanabria.

In terms of number of medals, the Brazilian delegation achieved the best result in a single day of Parapan (the previous record, of 46, was set two days ago), with 51 podiums: 22 gold, 17 silver and 12 bronze, totaling 127 (55 gold, 38 silver and 34 bronze). The United States remains in second place overall, with 46 medals in total (14 gold, 12 silver and 20 bronze), followed now by Colombia, which reached 44 medals (12 gold, 16 silver and 16 bronze).

Parapan de Santiago officially started this Friday, the 17th, at the opening ceremony. With the exception of table tennis, which has had games since Thursday, the 16th, the disputes began this Saturday, the 18th.

For this edition, the Brazilian delegation has 324 athletes, 190 men and 134 women, from 23 states and the DF, in 17 sports. Of these competitors, 51 are up to 23 years old, 108 are wheelchair users, 132 are newcomers to the continental event, 72 train at the Reference Centers of the Brazilian Paralympic Committee (CPB) It is 11 competed in the Youth Parapanin Bogotá, Colombia, last June.

At the Parapan American Games in Lima, in 2019, the Brazilian delegation had won, in the same three days, 120 medals. The difference, however, is that, at that point, athletics, a category in which Brazil has a great performance, had already been competed.

GOLD Gabriel Araújo – S2 – 100m backstroke
GOLD Gabriel Bandeira – S14 – 100m breaststroke
GOLD Esthefany Rodrigues – S5 – 50m butterfly
GOLD Gabriel Cristiano – S8 – 100m butterfly
GOLD Beatriz Carneiro – S14 – 100m breaststroke
GOLD Samuel Oliveira – S5 – 50m butterfly
GOLD Vanilton Nascimento – S9 – 100m butterfly
GOLD Vitória Ribeiro – S8 – 100m butterfly
GOLD 4x50m medley relay 20 points – Samuel Oliveira, Roberto Rodriguez, Mayara Petzold and Patricia Santos
SILVER Patrícia Santos – S4 – 150m medley
SILVER Laila Suzigan – S6 – 200m medley
SILVER Débora Carneiro – S14 – 100m breaststroke
SILVER Tiago Oliveira – S5 – 50m butterfly
SILVER Talisson Glock – S6 – 200m medley
SILVER Victor dos Santos – S9 – 50m butterfly
SILVER Cecília Araújo – S8 – 100m butterfly
BRONZE Lídia Cruz – S4 – 150m medley
BRONZE Mayara Petzold – S6 – 200m medley
BRONZE José Luiz Perdigão – S11 – 100m breaststroke

GOLD Ailton Souza – Up to 80kg
GOLD Tayana Medeiros – Up to 86kg
GOLD Evanio da Silva – Up to 88kg
SILVER Maria Rizonaide – Up to 50kg
BRONZE Cristiane Reis – Up to 55kg
BRONZE Edilândia Araújo – Over 86kg

GOLD Marcelo Casanova – Up to 90kg
GOLD Brenda Freitas – Up to 70kg
SILVER Arthur Silva – Up to 90kg
SILVER Meg Emmerich – Over 70kg
SILVER Willians Araújo – Over 90kg
BRONZE Rebeca Silva – Over 70kg
BRONZE Sergio Fernandes – Up to 90kg

Table tennis
GOLD Cátia Oliveira and Lucas Arabian – XD4-7
GOLD Danielle Rauen and Jennyfer Parinos – WD14-20
GOLD Cátia Oliveira and Joyce Oliveira – WD5-10
GOLD Guilherme Marcião and Iranildo Espindola – MD4
GOLD Danielle Rauen and Gabriel Antunes – XD20
GOLD Joyce Oliveira and Fabio Silva – XD10
GOLD Gabriel Antunes and Jean Mashki – MD18
SILVER Israel Stroh and Jennyfer Parinos – XD14-17
SILVER Marliane Amaral and Thais Fraga – WD5-10
SILVER Lucas Arabian and Fabio Souza – MD8
SILVER Ezequiel Babes and Thais Fraga – XD4-7
SILVER Israel Stroh and Paulo Salmin – MD14
BRONZE David Andrade and Carlos Eduardo Moraes – MD8
BRONZE Lucas Carvalho and Sophia Kelmer – XD14-17
BRONZE Claudio Massad and Luiz Manara – MD18
BRONZE Lethicia Rodrigues and Sophia Kelmer – WD14-20

Shooting Sports
GOLD Marcelo Marton – R1/R2 – Standing Rifle 10m SH1
SILVER Alexandre Galgani – R5 – 10m SH2 prone rifle
BRONZE Geraldo Von Rosenthal – P4 50m Pistol SH1

Loterias Caixa is the official sponsor of blind football, goalball, Judo, Weightlifting, swimming, shooting, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby and table tennis.

Caixa Lottery Program for High Level Athletes
Athletes Arthur Cavalcante da Silva, Brenda Freitas, Cátia Silva, Gabriel Bandeira, Gabriel Araújo, Laila Abate, Lídia Cruz and Patrícia Santos are members of the Loterias Caixa Program, an individual sponsorship program from Loterias Caixa that benefits 91 athletes.

Team São Paulo
Athletes Cátia Silva, Danielle Rauen, Paulo Salmin, Esthefany Rodrigues, Gabriel Cristiano, Jennyfer Parinos and Lucas Arabian are members of Team São Paulo, a partnership between CPB and the State Secretariat for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities of São Paulo, which benefits 106 athletes from 14 sports.

Communications Office of the Brazilian Paralympic Committee ([email protected])

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