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Compact medium pickup truck has eight accessories that can be installed at the brand’s official dealers

O Auto Secrets received a Chevrolet Montana RS for evaluation and the accessories installed on it ended up catching our attention. We consulted the Jorlan Chevrolet dealership in Belo Horizonte (MG) who informed us what the items were and their prices. Advance payments for the total number of accessories installed on the pickup amount to R$25,000.

One of the most expensive items that should arouse interest in the owners of the Montana It’s the electric hardtop. Its cost is R$12,990.00.

The Montana already comes with a bucket protector as standard, but if the owner wants additional protection, the Chevrolet accessories line offers a rubber bed mat for an extra R$1,187.00.

The pickup already has a 12V socket in the bed, but if the owner wants, he can install USB-A and USB-C inputs for R$ 1,159.00.

To prevent the wheels from being stolen, the anti-theft screw costs R$598.00.

Regarding visual items, the pickup can have a black exhaust tip for a cost of R$687.00. Another visual item are the auxiliary LED headlights that cost R$ 2,257.00.

There is also the side step that can be installed for R$4,990.00. The controversial accessory, at least in the view of the Auto Secretsit is more of a hindrance than a help, after all it can be a dirty spot and can dirty the clothes and legs of the occupants when disembarking.

Finally, inside, the Montana RS received carpeted floor mats that are sold at the brand’s dealerships and part of the accessories line for a cost of R$490.00.

In total, the eight accessory items installed on the Chevrolet Montana amount to R$ 24,358.00.

The pickup can also receive other accessories such as looks called Sport, off-road and Silver. In addition to these, there is a multi-board partition, sealed bucket bag, open roof rack, among other accessories.

Photo | Marlos Ney Vidal/Autos Segredos
Photo | Marlos Ney Vidal/Autos Segredos
Photo | Marlos Ney Vidal/Autos Segredos – Anti-theft screw to protect the pickup truck’s wheels
Photo | Marlos Ney Vidal/Autos Segredos- Side step for Montana
Photo | Marlos Ney Vidal/Autos Segredos

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