see soybean prices in Brazil

see soybean prices in Brazil
see soybean prices in Brazil

O Brazilian soybean market had a day of volatility. With the Chicago Stock Exchange rising and the dollar falling significantly, prices in Brazil were mixed. There were no records of many deals.

  • In Passo Fundo (RS): a 60-kilo bag rose from R$147 to R$150.
  • In the Missões region: the price increased from R$ 146 to R$ 149 per bag.
  • At the Port of Rio Grande: the price increased from R$153 to R$155.
  • In Cascavel, Paraná: the price increased from R$134 to R$136 per bag.
  • In the port of Paranaguá (PR): the bag increased in value from R$144 to R$146.
  • In Rondonópolis (MT): the value went from R$126 to R$127.
  • In Dourados (MS): the price went from R$126 to R$127.
  • In Rio Verde (GO): the bag rose from R$127.50 to R$128.

Soy in Chicago

Soybean futures contracts traded on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) closed Monday with higher prices. Despite the improvement in the climate in Brazil, the market recovered, based on the performance of oil, which rose strongly, and the dollar, which fell against other currencies, making US export products competitive.

Inspections of North American soybean exports reached 1,609,413 tons in the week ending November 16, according to a weekly report released by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). In the previous week, soybean export inspections reached 1,940,079 tons.

Soybean grain contracts for delivery in January closed up 27.00 cents or 2.01% at US$13.67 1/4 per bushel. The March position was quoted at US$ 13.83 1/4 per bushel, a gain of 26.75 cents, or 1.97%, compared to the previous day.

In by-products, the January bran position closed with an increase of US$ 6.80 or 1.55% at US$ 442.30 per ton. In oil, contracts expiring in January closed at 52.39 cents, an increase of 1.18 cents or 2.3%.


The commercial dollar ended the session down 1.10%, trading at R$4.8510 for sale and R$4.8489 for purchase. During the day, the North American currency fluctuated between a minimum of R$4.8468 and a maximum of R$4.9060.

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