Regina Duarte accepts biblical soap opera, criticizes Globo and sees “preparation for death”


In the store where she exhibits and sells her canvases made with elements of nature, Regina Duarte gave an interview to editor Silas Martí, from ‘Folha de S. Paulo’.

Away from Globo since 2020, when she terminated her contract to be Secretary of Culture in Jair Bolsonaro’s government, she raises the possibility of returning to TV.

“I would really like to do an evangelical soap opera on Record, I like those stories, I’m fascinated by it, and I feel like it’s not just me. A lot of people like it,” he says. His last work on television was the 6pm drama ‘Tempo de Amar’, in 2018.

Deleted in several advertisements for Globo, where she worked for 50 years, the actress claims that the channel is wrong to give in to activism and, as a result, loses audience.

“TV Globo resonates with a part of society that is ‘gritalhona’, that exposes itself, that is always on social media, in dances, in music. It’s a new generation that’s here, and TV Globo responds. And there’s your audience there,” she analyzes.

“A lot of people from my time, from my generation, complain and don’t watch it anymore. It’s the price you pay for not being able to please everyone, as Globo did in the past, it had 100% audience.”

Ignored by a significant portion of the artistic world, and the target of criticism from many former colleagues, Regina Duarte is satisfied with her new ‘group’.

“If the class doesn’t want to stay with me, that’s their problem, they have every right. I’m not alone, I’m very well accompanied by people who have the same values ​​as me, family, religion, things that give structure, that give root to the tree that we are.”

The protagonist of progressive productions such as ‘Malu Mulher’ (1979-80), ‘Vale Tudo’ (1988) and ‘Páginas da Vida’ (2006) complains about attacks for remaining faithful to the former right-wing president.

“… do you want to stop me from being a Bolsonarista? Is that the idea? Isn’t that a bit aggressively dictatorial? This is the question that remains in the air. Does this mean that these people want a dictatorship? Do they also want to be prohibited from making free choices?”

When asked whether work in the visual arts represents a “renaissance”, the 76-year-old actress says she sees just the opposite.

“I see that this artistic moment of mine denotes a preparation for death. It’s by looking at the leaves that I see where I’m going. I’m coming back to earth. The leaves fall from the tree, and now I will grow old here on earth and become food for the next botanical generations.”

Regina Duarte says that Globo wants to please the new generation and, as a result, loses the audience of older peoplePhoto: Reproduction/Instagram

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