City reveals how much it spent on salaries in the ‘Triple Crown’

City reveals how much it spent on salaries in the ‘Triple Crown’
City reveals how much it spent on salaries in the ‘Triple Crown’

Mark Ogden, from Manchester (ENG)Nov 15, 2023, 11:41Reading: 2 min.

Manchester City delegation celebrates the UEFA Super Cup titleEFE/Juan Carlos Cárdenas

O Manchester City revealed this Wednesday (15) the “price” of winning the “Triple Crown” won in the 2022/23 season.

According to their official accounts, the team became the first club in the history of British football to spend more than 400 thousand pounds (R$2.418 billion) in annual salaries.

According to the balance, the current champions of the Champions Leaguefrom the Premier League and from FA Cup had a record revenue of £712.8 million (R$4.309 billion), an increase in £99.8 million (R$603.34 million) compared to last season.

This is the highest revenue in the history of English football, eclipsing the rival’s numbers Manchester Unitedwhich reported £648.4 million (R$ 3.919 billion) last month.

Profit also grew to 80.4 million pounds (R$486.06 million), an increase in £41.7 million (R$ 252.1 million) in relation to 2021/22.

Salaries also grew in astronomical proportions, especially after the signing of the striker Erling Haalandwhich wins 45 million pounds (R$ 272.05 million) per annum.

With a total increase of 69 million pounds (R$417.14 million), the wage bill reached a total of £422.9 million (R$ 2.556 billion), despite the fact that the team reduced its football staff by 56 people compared to the previous year.

In the main transfer window of 2022, the citizens they signed Haaland, Julián Álvarez and Kalvin Phillips, while selling Raheem Sterling, Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko.

Salary costs also rose due to bonus payments that had to be made to athletes for goals achieved last season – mainly title wins.

City, in fact, also surpassed United in this regard.

According to its latest balance sheet, the Red Devils had an annual salary bill of £331.4 million (R$2.003 billion) in 2022/23, £91.8 million (R$554.98 million) unless the citizens.

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