Death of 25 animals in Jucuturu leads Idiarn to launch investigation


More than 25 animals, including calves, garrotes, dairy cows, sheep and a horse, were found dead on a property in the rural area of ​​Jucurutu, in the west of Rio Grande do Norte, since last weekend. The situation led the Institute of Agricultural Defense and Inspection of Rio Grande do Norte (Idiarn) to launch an investigation to discover the cause of the deaths.

Owners stated that animals demonstrated symptoms such as diarrhea, trembling body, watery eyes, refusal to feed and excessive water consumption. Given the seriousness of the situation, technicians from Idiarn and veterinarians from the state and municipality went to the location this Tuesday 14th to carry out analyzes on the bodies of the animals and collect laboratory samples.

Idiarn’s technical teams took samples of water from the local reservoir, the grass used to feed livestock and the soil. The material collected will be sent to the laboratory, and Idiarn will await the results of the analyzes to provide more in-depth information about the case.

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