Rent in Fortaleza rises 20.5%, biggest increase in the Northeast in 2023 – Business

Rent in Fortaleza rises 20.5%, biggest increase in the Northeast in 2023 – Business
Rent in Fortaleza rises 20.5%, biggest increase in the Northeast in 2023 – Business

The average price of residential rent in Strength reached R$28.03 per square meter (m²) in October, an increase of 1.59% compared to the previous month. During the year, the variation reached 20.56%, placing the capital of Ceará as the northeastern city that had the biggest increase in the rental value of houses and apartments to live in in 2023 and the third in Brazil.

The data are from FipeZap+ Index, which measures the price of residential rentals in 25 cities across the country, released this Monday (13). In October, Fortaleza was second only to Goiânia (GO) and Florianópolis (SC) among the Brazilian capitals with the highest rent variation in 2023: 29.04% and 27.98%, respectively.

These numbers, however, still leave the municipality in a favorable position. Even with high variation, the city of Ceará has the cheapest residential rental price in the Northeast — and in Brazil — among the 11 capitals surveyed by the index. Fortaleza is the only one with an average price below R$30/m².

In the Northeast, the record holder for high prices is Recife. The rental price for housing in the capital of Pernambuco was R$47.06/m², 1.59% higher than the previous month; in the year, the variation in the city reaches 10.71%. Already savior appears in second position among the Northeast, with an average residential rental figure of R$32.17/m².

Among the northeastern neighborhoods as the most expensive, Pinaat South Zone in Recife, it is the only one to surpass the R$60/m² barrier, being the highest price in the region and the 8th in all of Brazil. To live there, you need to pay R$61.3/m² per month.

In the top 15 in the Northeast, eight neighborhoods in Recife and only two in Salvador appear. Mucuripethe most expensive neighborhood in Fortaleza, with an average rental price for houses and apartments to live in of R$39.9/m², ranked 12th in the region.

See the list of the 15 neighborhoods with the most expensive residential rent in the Northeast:

Top-15 in Brazil is concentrated on the Rio-São Paulo axis

Across the country, average residential rental prices rose slightly in October. The general variation of the FipeZap+ Index in October was +0.7%, reaching R$38.95/m² among the capitals surveyed. Above all Rio de Janeiro It is São Paulo they concentrate the most expensive neighborhoods in all of Brazil.

O Leblon, a famous neighborhood in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, remains the most expensive place to rent in all of Brazil. The average price in the location is R$99.1/m², closely monitored by the neighbor Ipanemaalso in Rio de Janeiro, which ranks as the second most expensive for residential rental in the country: R$98.3/m².

São Paulo is the city with the largest number of neighborhoods among the 15 most expensive in Brazil, eight in total, and is also the Brazilian capital as the one with the highest residential rental price in the country: R$ 50.92 /m².

Recife, with one, and Florianópolis, with two neighborhoods, are the only capitals to appear on the national list of most expensive neighborhoods, according to FipeZap+. The city of Santa Catarina also accumulated the biggest drop in the country (-1.06%) in October among the cities surveyed.

Check out the table of the 15 most expensive neighborhoods in Brazil:

Check out the list of average residential rental prices in 11 capitals in Brazil:

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